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    yes, just dont know if fury or arms,

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    my fav class with herborism / mining (I have something like 3 warriors) so yes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archimtiros View Post
    lololol 10man.

    I played arms most of that tier.

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    Depends. Currently, I do NOT like the announced changes to Vengeance at all. Unless they announce something that impresses me, I'll likely be swapping back to my Warlock. If they do manage to keep me interested in my Warrior, I'll level as Prot with 2 or 3 other people in group with me.

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    Probably, its the only character I ever put effort into.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    Sadly, with those actors... the "XXX Adaptation" should really be called 50 shades of watch a different porno.
    Muh main

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teye View Post
    Depends. Currently, I do NOT like the announced changes to Vengeance at all. Unless they announce something that impresses me, I'll likely be swapping back to my Warlock. If they do manage to keep me interested in my Warrior, I'll level as Prot with 2 or 3 other people in group with me.
    No longer getting increased damage damage from Vengeance turning you off?

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    Hell yeah my Warrior will be the first to 100. Wait and see about the changes to spec's. Maybe fury leveling will be better this expansion and i will not need to go arms!

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    Of course,i've done it every time,waiting to see if fury or arms just like everyone else

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    Warrior all the way been playing the same warrior since Vanilla and still love it, just got much cool stuff etc. on this char. and nostalgia :P

    Do I smell hate aroma?!?

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    Yup my Orc warrior will be the first as it seems more fitting, considering we are going back to Draenor it will fit better.

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    Yes, out of my usual tradition of leveling my first character to cap before any others.

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    I'll be leveling my hunter first unless they make some very big changes to the way tanking works.

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    Nah. Will most likely level it 2nd or 3rd. I'm tired of the soul of the class being ripped out and stomped into the ground. After just reading the recent charge 'fix' they've once again picked up the nerf bucket and let it splash out carelessly onto random spells. What next? is the question. Where will they ruin the fun of the class while 'trying' to solve PvP balance? Where next will they completely ignore every PvPer under the sun and favor stamping the guts out of totally fine spells?

    When they did it from WoTLK > Cata i was fine with it. This is a new WoW i said, i shouldn't expect everything to be the same. When they removed our 2nd charge instead of nerfing our obscene damage (in PvP) i laughed and said don't worry they'll realize their mistake. When they turned our primary DPS spec into the hardest DPS spec in the game and then jokingly added in massive RNG too i said it'll be fine, don't worry about it. But this? This is too much for me, sorry.

    You can only push me around so much before you push me away. I'll either be laying down my Axe permanently or leaving it to rust on the benches while i pursue other interests within the game. My only hope is if i do return to my warrior, they won't have snuffed out its soul, as they seem to be so longingly wanting to do.

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    Yes, I will level my Warrior first as it's my main. Gonna be a lot of fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwizzleTweets View Post
    Will you level up your Warrior first in the next expansion? Or will you level a different class to 100?
    Also which specialization do you want to level up with?
    once a warrior always a warrior, nerfed to the ground or buffed to heaven, i am a warrior from the bottom of my heart, i am gonna lvl my warrior first for sure and going to use arms as spec
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adsertif View Post
    Yeah, hoping I don't rely on gear as much as this expansion.

    Fury in 463-476 was something I never want to see again!
    It's exactly what I hope to see again, that was awesome.

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    Yes. My warrior has always been first. First 60, First 70, First get the picture...and I have leveled Prot each and every time.

    OK that isn't entirely true. 1-60 was a mish mash of all three trees because I had NO idea wtf I was

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    Yeah, taken the leap from Resto Shaman to Arms/Fury Warrior this expansion. I've wanted to main my Warrior for a long time but the guild never had room for extra melee and up until I quit, didn't have enough healers to drop my Shaman completely

    Alas, I'll probably be levelling as Arms as I know Fury has the disadvantage of shitty gear scaling, however I may even do Dungeons as prot if quests are as shite as they were in MoP.

    Probably gonna go one step further and even make a 3rd Warrior on Horde side with my free level 90, I love the shit out of Undead but couldn't find a raid group to replace my current guild so I returned after a few months

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    Dk or warrior still can't decide but I got the heirloom axe ready ^^

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    Probably warrior followed by monk.
    I'd like to play my monk more but I can't really imagine me not playing my warrior.

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