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    Warrior, unless they completly fuck us up and make DKs interesting again at the same time.
    If both are going to be as dull as DKs are now then there is only feral left for me.

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    yes , i'll switch to warrior from dk for tanking

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    Ofc i will my warrior is my main since 2006 never looked at another char never will (i got a shit load of alts but warrior is my main and number one choise ).

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    I have a similar issue as some here. I spent ages on my Paladin, got serious about raiding in Wrath, then topped out a hunter. Hunter was supposed to be my main in MoP, but got called back to healing and finally topped out a warrior right before I had to go to overseas just as SoO launched > I leveled him as Prot and it was a lot of fun, but went Arms going into heroic 5 mans. I would like to get back into tanking, but haven't tanked raids since Uld. I'm a little weary of healing, and SV hunter isn't the same as the old MM which I loved. But with the 90 boost, I'm torn : /

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    Tempted to....

    New Dwarf Model makes me glad I made my warrior a Dwarf.
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    I generally have done so ever since BC, however this time it may be my BC lock I take up 1st or my monk tank. Hopefully I get in the beta and get the feel of them. I major component to tanking, which contributed to my decision to go to the monk instead of the warrior, is going away. With the offensive component (+dmg) of vengeance going away I may go back to the warrior.
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    Definitely, as it is my main.

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    Nah, i'll prob level my blood dk first so i can tank everything.

    My warrior is more a pvp toon.

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    By Lieutenant Colonel Whiskers McBallofur Maximilliamus the Third
    Very likely since hes been my main since cata
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    I'll stick with my warrior because he's my most played character and JC, and BS. Two professions I don't like to buy off of the AH, but honestly Imo warrior are the most fun and classic melee class.

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