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    Exclamation 6th Expansion Speculation!

    Yes, I know; "but WoD hasn't even come out yet and your already talking about the expansion after that one!"

    Okay, now that I've gotten that one out of the way, let's talk WoW expansion #6.

    Metzen said that from now on starting with Cata each expansion ties in to the next one. Therefore, we can assume that expat #6 will somehow be very connected with WoD (Just like WoD is with MoP and Mists was with Cata).

    Blizzard said they want a new expansion every year (with a year and a half at the most). This means expansion set #6 will most likely be released, at the very earliest, around fall 2015. Spring 2016 is a more accurate date, though.

    WoD has set a new precedent; rather than introducing a new race or new class or new profession, Warlords instead focused on one single piece of content that is WoD's selling feature (Garrison's). With this, we can now know that Blizzard no longer sticks with the formulaic new race, new class, or new profession style of content but may focus all it's efforts on a signature piece. Although , personally believe that new expansion will introduce either a new class or professsion, it may not be too far off for Blizzard to not do that and instead work on, say, total mounted combat (an example).

    And finally, we know that Blizzard's seamless instancing technology (aka phasing 2.0) will be reintroduced in WoD and is significantly more powerful than before. A guess that expansion #6's raids won't have instance portals and can be accessed without a loading screen isn't too far off.

    Your thoughts?

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    I really have no idea,look what people speculated will be this expansion and blizzard did something a lot different , so we really cant know,unless some major leak or they tell us.
    But what i would really like is more new playable races,invisible log in method or something.

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    I wouldnt be surprised if they did NOT add another race or class, but instead added sub-classes each with their own starting zone and story.

    I would also expect 4th specs as soon as they are finished gutting class "bloat" as they put it.

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    Mind-run-wild time: Its a Burning Legion Offensive themed expansion, where we goto Argus and fight them proactively, before they invade us.

    To tie WoD and this together: The end boss of WoD could be Mannoroth (Who Gul'dan has been hiding in the closet) in a fortress-style instance, whos purpose is to guard the master-portal which the Legion is preparing to open to invade Draenor/Azeroth. The final fight of WoD is to kill Mannoroth and stop him opening the portal. We succeed in killing him, but fail in stopping the portal being brought online.

    As he dies, he tells us the time for the invasion has finally arrived, asdemons pour through. With no other choice, the Horde and Alliance go through the portal to Argus and intend to fight the Legion on their home turf.

    A little sunwell-esque, but thats fine by me.

    I know theres a few good reasons why Demon Hunters might not be a class ("They're basically just warlocks" or "most of their spells are already taken by other classes") but I really cant imagine another Burning Legion themed Demon expansion without a Demon Hunter Class, led by Illidan. (whos brought back via some amazing retcon or Draenor story loop or something)
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    nope, the next "xpac" will be another new game called Titan, blizzard is fuck#ng WoW for that, and they are alway liying, the new and final exp of wow will come in december as soo.

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    It will have two new races, they said they were aiming for this at BlizzCon.

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    I think it's about time we got 2 new races with an expansion. Personally I believe that they will both be Draenor native races, in order to facilitate a story to tell to advance the plot onto the next few continents on Draenor. Blizz is really starting to set Draenor up as the next "world" after Azeroth and in order to do so they are going to need some likeable races, preferably some that are playable. My guess is a clan of Horde friendly Ogres and who knows what for the Alliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vacashamanica View Post
    nope, the next "xpac" will be another new game called Titan, blizzard is fuck#ng WoW for that, and they are alway liying, the new and final exp of wow will come in december as soo.
    yes thats why they pushed titan back and put some of the titan developers onto the wow development team..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    Yes, I know; "but WoD hasn't even come out yet and your already talking about the expansion after that one!"

    Okay, now that I've gotten that one out of the way, let's talk WoW expansion #6.
    This cannot go out of the way. Even with MoP far in, Blizzcon looming, there was flurry of "well thought out speculation" (haha) - and it became frantic when Trademarks like "Dark Below", "Heroes of the storm" and whatnot were dug up.

    I might be wrong here, but NOBODY had a timetravel x-pac on their list.

    So, yeah - let us talk x-pac 6. Rather - let us wildly speculate what we would LIKE to see. I believe with features like Garrisons and the time travel in WoD, they are going to surprise us once more. It will NOT be emerald dream and if it is a legion theme, it will be vastly different from what we expect. That said....legion will be the xpac where they plan to end WoW.

    And I base all that an total cluelessness.

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    Best thing to do:

    Reset everything. Instead of starting at lvl 100. Start with WoW2.

    Should be cool launching at the same time as the movie: Mar 2016.

    Many problems would be solved with this reset thing. Old players could still use their titles and achievements.

    Lvl 1 - 60 and create an end game at 60 but with the recently introduced mechanics like Battletag, connected realm play, CRZ, reset professions etc...

    I think it is a REAL possibility here since the movie will have an impact.

    The only thing that would be the problem is the Gold acquired. Perhaps limit it to 500 Gold to restarting old players. Gear as such can be stored for transmog and cosmetics.

    WoW became simply too big. So time to create Azeroth 2.
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    Honestly I think expansion 6 is gonna take place on Draenor, at the Ogre homeland to the south or some other unknown continent on Draenor and it will introduce Ogres and Arakkoa as the new races.

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    Emerald dream expansion, playbale Dragonkin that can be any race out of combat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    Emerald dream expansion, playbale Dragonkin that can be any race out of combat.
    Too niche, with each new expansion content you thin out the interested player base.

    As stated: WoW2 start at level 1 in a new history line of Azeroth.

    15 million will be back to see it. Certainly with the movie launch.

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    I think Blizzard is kinda done with Azeroth for now, unless they want to wrap up Neputlon's story and have us face off against Azshara or explore some other continent we haven't found yet.

    Adding another continent on Draenor would be interesting, would definitely mean we would get Draenic races.

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    Something new and exciting would be nice, would prefer something more creative than legion/scourge
    This website LOL

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    My bet is on sub-races (brown/red orcs, iron dwarves) and a new class.
    They need to add a new class.
    I dont think they will add new professions, maybe secondary ones, but I doubt it.

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    I highly doubt there will be any more classes. Mayyyybe one, to balance out the Int Mail loot. New professions, possibly. New races in addition to sub-races even more likely.

    There's still a couple places in Azeroth I want to be able to explore. But after seeing whats coming in WoD, I expect more singularish features to come in new expacs.

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    The new races in WoD are the model revamps.

    The next expansion will more than likely have the 12th WoW class. More than likely it'll wear mail, and be a three-role (dps/tank/heal) hybrid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    Emerald dream expansion
    They redid Azeroth once already.

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