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    Dragon Soul - 5/8 solo Mage (2 Normal / 3 Heroic)

    Hey MMOC !

    And I'm back again with my Mage to solo things, even if trying to solo things with a Mage is probably one of the worst idea ever. Run fools, roll a lock.

    Okay if you're still here, today I'm in Dragon Soul, aka T13, aka Cataclysm last tier. Quite a pleasant raid if you ask me, but definitely too easy and too quickly cleaned at the time, even on Heroic.

    But wait, we're Mages, remember ? We don't have pets that tank for us, or actual healing, or real defense !
    And yet, despite all this ...

    Morchok - 10 Heroic

    Quite an easy fight, just keep in mind that one Stomp equals oneshot, so blink extensively. Oh, and Black Blood of the Earth is a troll.

    Zon'ozz - 10 Normal

    Due to its massive amount of HP even on Normal (and the ball mechanic), Zon'ozz cannot be tanked. Send your trustworthy Frost pet (which does absolutely no damage, good times) instead !

    Yor'Sahj - 10 Heroic

    On Normal mode, this boss is a joke. On Heroic, it's one of the most brutal bosses a Mage can solo. Yellow = death. Black = death. If you have both up, you're good to reset. Discard Blue and Mana voids, and heal Green and Red.
    You also need to temporize the boss as much as you can and manage your cooldowns. Consider Combustion a healing cooldown, same for Time Warp.

    Hagara - 10 Heroic

    Same for Yor'Sahj, Normal mode = lel. Heroic ? The most brutal boss soloable by a Mage, considering the gear. I reaaally got lucky on this down, Immerseus trinket procced right at the pull and re-procced just at the beginning of P1 n°2. Keep Time Warp second P1, and remember that if you can't kill her before the first Ice Tomb (or during if you IB), you're dead.


    I deem this boss as impossible for a Mage. His melee hits can crit up to 150k, and he can one-shot your pet with a crit (650k yaaay). Add to this the impossibility to temporize incoming damage and his constant 200k shadow AoE ... you get the idea.

    Blackhorn - 10 Normal

    Last boss (for now) soloable. P1 is boring as hell but Blackhorn himself hits quite hard, and since you don't have time to kill Goriona you have to deal with shadow AoEs. The kill is actually pretty terrible but no trinket procced at the beginning of P2, so this lengthen the fight quite a bit.

    Spine of Deathwing

    I tried a few pulls, but I doubt this boss will be soloable for Mages until next xpac. Will try further.

    Madness of Deathwing

    Not tried yet.

    Armory : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...aitik/advanced


    Edit : Those videos were recorded over a timespan of several months, that's why the game is still in FR and the interface changes vastly from one boss to another.
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    You should've named the thread mage soloing and kept all future soloing stuff in the thread.
    Also, this vids makes me wanna try and solo stuff on my mage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fungj View Post
    You should've named the thread mage soloing and kept all future soloing stuff in the thread.
    That was the original idea (we discussed about this in Ulduar thread).
    But we make this one into a real "Mage soloing" topic, and I'll add a spreadsheet with a recap of what a mage can or cannot solo, and a "guide" to start soloing as a Mage. Contributions appreciated of course

    Can a mod rename the topic to something like "The Mage solo thread" please ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fungj View Post
    Also, this vids makes me wanna try and solo stuff on my mage.
    And this is exactly why I make these videos
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    Hnnngg Araitik, you're pretty much one of the only people who unintentionally try to get me to play again with these videos you make >.>

    But then I remember I'm sitting at the sub-570 club and I weep to myself. Stinks I couldn't get a Nazgrim Heroic sword before quitting

    Great job as always, and you should totally get a single thread. Post one super-late so people don't respond on it right away so you can have like 5-6 OPs for all the raids!
    Uses the same signature for over a year, just randomly gets infracted for it recently.
    Placeholder signature is placeholder and will hopefully make me finish my shit.
    Oh yeah, I'm a Druid and stuff.
    I also made a spreadsheet for the Order Hall.

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