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    It mostly seems like everyone gives so many shits about this topic because the only people that speak up are the snowflakes. People that don't care see no point in begging for attention with 100 of the same threads. I'd venture to guess that more people don't care about shop/insta 90's than those who do.

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    Other than the 90 boost, which I see no problem in, the only change they made was making the store easier for their customers. Most people I know that used RaF didn't actually get a new friend to come play them game. They just bought another account and used that because they saw spending $50 or what ever as a better investment than leveling a fresh 90. They use their money to make their games better because that makes them more money. Blizzard isn't stupid. They know if they were to actually go pay to win it would absolutely ruin the game and why would they want to ruin their own game? This also isn't a new issue, you have been able to buy this stuff for almost 4 years now and there hasn't been a negative impact.

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    I couldn't care less about the damn button. It's a button, it's just there, I won't even notice it. I would like to say I was shocked by the influx of QQ's because of this button....but sadly I am not. It is the WoW community after all lol.

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    Blizzard responded to the behaviour of the community, and the community whines again.
    Acting like a bunch of immature spoilt brats.
    Get over yourselves, or go leave to play something else and leave the community in a better state as a result.
    Customers make complaints to any business...your food at a restaurant is cold? you complain, you get slow internet speeds? you complain, Your doctor removes your leg when you were getting an operation on your arm? You's completely normal and to say they are whining spoilt brats is derogatory and incredibly silly. Paying for a service gives you the right to complain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    your food at a restaurant is cold? you complain,
    Not really. I'll give them another chance or simply won't return if it was really bad.
    But I certainly would not start making a fuss over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    Customers make complaints to any business...
    its fair enough to make complaints if its justified, but them adding accessibility to a feature in the game doesn't seem warranted IMHO
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yobtar View Post
    I don't care about the button and I very rarely even notice it.

    As far as people complaining about the payable boosts it's because it's something new. If you look back at the change over the past 9 years of WoW every chance/addition to the game is met with resistance, complaining or down right rage.
    Dual specs and later loot specialization weren't met with rage.
    Flex raid size wasn't met with rage.
    Connected realms weren't met with rage (other than how long the process takes).
    AoE loot wasn't met with rage.
    Transmog wasn't met with rage.
    These and many other changes were embraced with almost universal support.

    The fact of the matter is only questionable changes that divide the playerbase are "met with rage".
    And yes having premium services in a sub-game and on top of that having more shop buttons in a sub game than you have in the worst F2P implementations is cause for concern.

    It's a pity you can't handle differences of opinion more maturely.

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    Been playing GW2, SWTOR, Steam games, etc. for ages now. Nothing about WoW is sacred to me; from my perspective it just looks like it's entering the current decade.

    People hate change, and MMOs tend to function as very powerful security blankets for a lot of personality types, which only exacerbates the reactions to things changing in (what is perceived as) significant ways. FUD goes sky-high.

    What people don't realize is how much money their comfy safety zone costs, and how much healthier it can be sustained in the long-term by having fresh/modernized income models.

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    The whole debate about the button makes me wonder, are these the kind of people who gets pissed about certain elevator buttons, or buttons on the dashboard of your car?

    "God fucking damnit, I hate this fucking button next to my radio, God damn car maker wanting to push this shit on me. NEVER buying a car from this peice of shit dealer again."
    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    Q: But who are the forum QQers going to QQ at now?
    A: They'll find another name and still miss the point that Blizzard designs as a collective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    Not the only one. I don't really care either. If I want to use the shop, I will, and I will be grateful it is easy to access. If I don't want to use it, I won't, and...well...I won't.
    Same here, I would rather have easy access if it's available.

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    I'm sure most people don't care at all, there's just a few highly vocal whiners, that whine so hard that they make it seem like a much bigger deal than it really is. It's just like anything else in this game really. Every change, every announcement, every new feature, etc. there's always at least a few people up in arms about it, whether justified or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azureqt View Post
    Blizzard doesn't realize how much damage it's doing to it's own game. A game that was once about patience and journey is now all about instant gratification.

    And it should be obvious that Blizzard is quite desperate if they're allowing you to pay to reach level 90. (Sellout much?)
    Guess you don't know that it isn't just Blizzard that is catering to instant is that generation that has been spoon fed this and so they EXPECT it.

    You want to play a game that won't sell out, go play a Korean MMO...

    Oh and I don't care about the shop button. I used it to buy the latest mount...was easier than going to the website. Free level 90s? I got 11 of them already. Like the OP said, if I had a friend who came back and i wanted to play with him, especially if he were alliance, I'd make one. (My toons are horde)

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    I care so much about it that I haven't even noticed it until I saw the people rage on the forum. Now they will put another one in the login screen, I'm sure I will notice that, after already seeing the new rage. I even pressed on it once, and... IT WORKED

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    The only reason I can think of that will annoy me is entering a random BG to find that half my team have just bought their characters, that's if the service is released pre-WOD.

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    The thing is: People will need to get over the store thing.
    While disagreeing with something and voicing one's opinion is perfectly fine, I'm pretty sure that those people are nothing more than a vocal minority compared to the player base as a whole.
    Even if some people quit - the income through the store alone probably makes more than up for it. And if it doesn't, and the subs drop further, Blizzard will just add new items.
    They definitely won't remove it anymore. It's simply not gonna happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarthief View Post
    I'm just worried that this is a stepping stone for them to start selling gear in a Pay2Win style format. I'm okay with buying 90s, but I'm not okay with it evolving any further than that.

    "Well, people don't want to have to go through the leveling process anymore, so let's offer a cash service to let them skip it" can easily turn into "well, people don't want to have to go through the raiding/gear collecting process anymore, so let's offer a cash service to let them skip it". There's a very fine line on the P2W argument, and they currently have a few toes across the line.

    As far as the original topic about the buttons goes, no. I don't care that they're pushing buttons in my face to spend even more money. As long as the services they provide do NOT escalate in power past Level 90, I really, really, don't care. The day they cross the line even more is the day this game dies.
    Boldly stated.

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