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    Help My Resto Shaman before we get to Heroics!

    Hey Folks,
    Sorry to create another thread to clog things up, but I didn't see a sticky for this sort of thing, and I didn't want to hijack someone else's thread.

    Without further ado.... Long story short, 5 of our former 10 man moved to a new server and recruited another 5 people. Of those, we picked up an enhancement shaman who was willing to go resto for the raid. She's never really healed before, so is learning as we go. 100% coachable, and totally interested in improving herself, but I only have a basic grasp of Resto Shaman, as I play mostly a Holy Paladin.

    Can someone be so kind as to review our logs for errors? I know that moving Healing Rain in a timely fashion is something she is working on, but aside from that, I haven't had much chance to really "watch" her spell usage during combat, so all I have to go off of are logs and in game metrics like Recount et al.

    Thanks in advance

    us.battle .net/wow/en/character/kiljaeden/Kumati/advanced
    warcraftlogs .com/reports/vD18BFLzJQGn73AZ
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    glyph of HST is a must. glyph of riptide i don't like outside of very specific encounters. glyph of chaining is nice for a lot of encounters is SoO.

    at her level of gear, i would go for the next haste breakpoint (7613). she probably is carrying more spirit than necessary (not always a bad thing), although the riptide glyph might be part of the reason for that.

    as she replaces gear, i would move from gemming INT to gemming crit (or haste as needed).

    upgrade weapon, omg! free spell power.

    be sure she's keeping HST on cooldown.
    she might actually be overusing HR on Garrosh. unlike 25m, HR doesn't necessarily need to be on cooldown on every encounter. it's still a good heal, but she's running 75% overheal and with all the movement and spread on that fight i wonder if that's effective.
    her riptide usage seems low (especially with the glyph). i'd unglyph it and keep it mostly on cooldown. be sure she is always starting CH on a riptide target.
    last time i checked, HS was a better single target option than GHW most of the time.
    a well-timed stone bulwark totem is a lot of healing you don't have to do.

    overall, she's doing a pretty good job for being new at healing.

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    One thing I'd recommend is to gradually drop spirit and convert it to throughput stats. Especially in red sockets I'd replace those purple int/spirit gems with something else. Anything really would be better - pure int, or int/haste, or int/mastery, or int/crit. Maybe int/crit to start with, since she'll also get mana back from crits.

    Another great glyph to start getting used to is totemic recall. We can get a lot of mana back from recalling healing stream totem just before it expires, which allows us to drop more spirit and convert it to throughput stats. Here is a weak-aura I'm using to remind me to recall HST. It'll show a graphic and play a sound when it's time to recall it:

    A more advanced habit to pick later on is dropping magma totems during the legendary meta gem proc for free, and then recalling them afterwards for a mana gain.

    You are doing great healing with a lot of absorbs on your pala, this is going to suppress a shaman's healing on the meters since your absorbs come first, especially during normal. If we zoom on galakras part two, she has catched up to your healing during that phase, so that's a good sign.

    On Thok stacked phase she didn't do so well, and this is one fight a shaman usually excels at. Maybe she got spell locked often -- it's possible to squeeze healing rain between the screeches, even as they go up (though admittedly she has low haste maybe that was the issue), and she can go the riptide glpyh way for that fight and keep it on the entire raid like a druid, less chances to get spell locked with it.

    Overall I agree with marklar, she's doing a great job for someone who hasn't healed before, she's going to be a great healer.
    You are one shotting almost all the bosses on normal while two healing, it's time to move on to heroics!
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    Thanks guys, for the detailed feedback.
    I really do think we caught a good one here, I just didn't know how to help her fine tune things.
    Like I said, she's totally willing to learn and improve, which is one of the most important attributes in a raider - I just wanted to be sure I was giving her the right info!

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