Miss buying BlizzCon murlocs or the Gryphon Hatchling and Wind Rider plushies? You're in luck, because the Blizzard Shop has reopened for non-digital products at http://gear.blizzard.com/.

You'll find a variety of items from past BlizzCons including the paladin robe, Lurky the murloc plush from BlizzCon 2009, and Hearthstone Mugs. Categories include:
Apparel and Accessories: leather cuffs, warglaives, t-shirts
Blizzard Art: lithographs, hardcover books, posters
Books and Comics: Strategy Guides, Manga, Comics
Gear: Authenticators, Peripherals, Device Covers
Toys and Collectibles: Action Figures, Plushies, Board Games, Funko Pop and Mega Bloks
Misc: Steins, Hearthstone Mugs, and more!