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    Why do monks get such a bad rap?

    So I made a monk as soon as MoP hit and leveled him to 90 in a few weeks. He instantly took place as my main over my Druid and I haven't looked back since. I love the new class and I feel they are an amazing addition to WoW. Also I know you guys out there who have monks as their main love them. I could be completely wrong but seems like a lot of people who don't play monk or haven't played one seriously always rag on them and say they aren't as viable as other classes and just aren't fun.....why is that? Also feel free to explain your monk story and how you either came to love or hate them and your reason why.

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    because goblins are the best rappers and they can't be monks, yo!
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    i never really liked asian rap
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Crabs have been removed from the game... because if I see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* I’m sorry, I just can’t right now... I just... OK just give me a minute, I’ll be OK..

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    well i pretty much did the same as u. but i have never seen any real bitching other then when i do World pvp as BrM in 570+ gear.
    And i must say its the best thing i have ever done, i love my monk alot. Fun to play good dmg/surv great at soloing stuff with.
    But most of all the aoe farming i can do on it is just insane.

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    I've not heard a single person "rag" on Monks in general. It's clear that Windwalker damage is a bit meh, but middle-of-the-pack is NOT unviable (despite what many will claim). Brewmasters make pretty awesome tanks and Mistweavers are respectable raid healers.

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    I agree with you guys, I guess what I was trying to get at is that I see posts on the forums here from monk players who want abilities removed because of the need of too many key bindings...idk I find that monks are great right now, I definitely see myself playing mine into WoD.

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    people dislike pandas and monks are a new class. tanking and healing monks are a bit more advanced learning curve than other classes. i dont know how to tank good enough in lfr. most people play monk pandas so people kinda hate them for two reasons

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    monks are in general fine, WW could do with more utility but its pretty fun.

    Mist weaver is however a pile of pants. Sure it can be effective, but its really really badly designed. Little to no control over aoe healing, having to gear counterintuitively for a healer, limited by keeping up an random jump heal 100% of the time incase you need to aoe, then havign to pray its on the right people......

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    Everyone likes Monks in my experience.

    Nothing like the Vanilla/TBC Hunter reputation, or the WOTLK Death Knight stigma.

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    Only complaint I've heard about monks is that they start off at level 1, or from the beginning "LOLKUNGFUPANDA, NOT GONNA PLAY MONK COZ THAT"

    I've never heard of anyone leveling a monk to 90 and complain about it, most are getting to level 35-40 and just being bored (To which I always suggest respeccing into Brewmaster, extremely fun tank to level as in my opinion)

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    I'm 13/14h and I haven't seen a single monk of any spec that made me think "wow monks are an asset to the team".

    Also WW monks in pvp are the most autistic, brain dead shit I've seen in my life, why would you give a class more stuns than a BC combat rogue?

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    Because they are wimps who need weapons to hit things? Fisticuffs FTW. Though I do wish WW would have more raid utility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluttershy View Post
    Also WW monks in pvp are the most autistic, brain dead shit I've seen in my life, why would you give a class more stuns than a BC combat rogue?
    WW monks are annoying but faceroll status remains arms warrior.

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    I don't like monks on the basis that they infringe on what I view as the Rogue niche. Same with Death Knights, but to a lesser extent. But this is just personal opinion on why I don't like playing them, not against those who do.
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    1. Pandas ruined WoW
    2. Monks are OP 1v1 (dont even start with the WoW is not balanced around 1v1 thing), no1 likes playing against a class that cannot lose.
    3. As if we need more hybrids? (droods, palas, DK's, shamans...when does it end?)
    4. Did I mention that pandas ruined wow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    WW monks are annoying but faceroll status remains arms warrior.
    My mains a Spriest, and during this Expansion .. as an alt i have my dk who is also bis in pvp, recently i leveled my monk from 83 to 90 (had a break) and now hes 518 ilvl pvp and i got a awesome transmog with cool blades and like... dude WW is fun as hell!

    Previously I though Monks are boring.. I guess it's just something you have to just you know.. do, to actually like them.

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    I rage on monk healers every now and then but I dont say they are a trash class etc..

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    A lot of people just associate them with "Kung Fu Panda" and straight-up miss the fact that we finally have the option to play as a class that will literally, note the word "literally" being used correctly here, punch you till you die.
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    In my experience their has been no monk hate. Other then them being OP in pvp. I think the majority of the hate is directed towards pandaren.

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    The problem with Monks is that nobody god damn wanted another Melee dps class. There simply isn't room for it.

    Nowadays you barely see Rogues or Ret Paladins anymore, despite one being a pure dps class and the other a much older popular dps spec. They are alright raid healers, but we didn't really need a new healing class that bad either. And tanks were fairly covered by the already existing 4 tanks.

    Blizzard should have added a Ranged dps/healing class or a Ranged DPS/Ranged Tank class, if they wanted a popular one.
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