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    Switching to Resto tonight for Heroic Thok

    Due to the lack of healers tonight, I'll be healing for our first attempts on H Thok. We will only have 6 healers, and I have the best offspec resto gear. My healing set is sitting around 571 however I have not managed to obtain any healing trinkets as we don't see them(and I even try to bonus roll them). I guess I have a few questions.

    1. I've seen some people comment about going for the 3rd breakpoint of riptide and just spamming it w/ the glyph and keeping down healing rain on both groups at all time. I've also heard to just try to chain heal and weave in Riptides between screeches. I'm not sure what the best method would be here. I guess I'm asking how do you recommend healing Thok? I assume it's handled very differently than other fights.

    2. Gearing. Should I just be going for the 3rd haste point for riptide and then stack crit. I do have the luxury with this fight to gem/enchant my gear however I want because it's all I really use my resto gear for.

    3. Any other advice would be helpful. Hopefully this isn't a common thing, but we run with a fairly low amount of healers and I put together my resto set just for this situation.

    *Note* This is Thok 25m
    Thanks in advance.
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    I have healed it in 10m, so some of the stuff might be a little different. I went for the 15k haste breakpoint and just kept healing rain down and used riptide quite liberally. It's actually not hard at all as a shaman in the stacked phases. Just make sure you have a set order for healing cd's. I didn't even chain heal except when devo aura was out.

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    1.: I have 14k haste and 87% mastery on Thok (tried crit, but mastery pulled far ahead on that fight). Fit your HR between screeches, HST on CD and RT as many players as you can. Is there a 2nd resto? Split the raid. let him RT group 1 -> 3, you RT group 5 -> 3. That way most players will have a RT buff. I personally don't use CH, HS or GHW on that fight. I keep ancestral swiftness for emergencies (Instant HR after accidentally getting locked, it happens).

    2.: You should go to 40,01% haste for the extra HR tick (I think its somewhere around 11500-11800 haste with 5% AS). An extra HR tick is a huge gain, while an extra RT tick is only a minor hps gain. If you only heal on Thok, and nowhere else, you should either go 40% haste > mastery > crit > spirit or 40% haste > crit > mastery > spirit. I think mastery is better here, because I never use CH, HS, GHW, so I only have resurgence procs from RT. Glyph of Water Shield is very good here. Last kill I got 360k mana back, without the Glyph it would have been 240k. So thats an extra 120k mana. (300k through resurgence @ 28% crit). During the kite phase I only use HR and HST because there isn't much to heal. It's a good time to regenerate some mana.

    3.: * I put down primal fireele at the pull and a 2nd time. He did almost 8 mil dmg. I kept FS up on thok, and did some dmg on the kitephases. that was another 5 million. 12 million from a healer isn't bad, considering we had 2 wipes before under 10 mil hp left. Remember this when you wipe at 1%
    * put down your earth ele during the poison & bat phase. there's a lot more dmg coming in than in any other phase and the -20% dmg might just save your life. we also (1st time on accident) cast bloodlust/heroism here. Bats die faster and healers heal more.
    * Since i knew i would do some dps and keep FS up, i wore my ele sethelmet (+haste + mastery, no spirit) with the +30% haste LMG. It has a great procrate and those 30% haste come in very handy, since you get an extra HR tick out of it (I even got 2 extra ticks). And since your watershield proccs like hell here, you don't need the healers LMG anyway.
    * put in Thok as focus target. that way you always see when he's casting screech and you see when your FS runs out.

    That's all shaman specific tips I can give you.


    Zema - Armory link
    World of Logs - Thok 1st kill

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    Also going resto from ele and from a 10m point of view here.

    We had our first tries on him on Tuesday and three-healed him - Shaman, Druid, Disci.

    I guess that since the nerf, healing is no longer a big problem on that boss.

    Popped our Cds one after the other, but in the end, we had too much healing and failed the transition of the first phase with 30 stacks.

    I just keep HR down, use Riptide on everyone if possible (definitely not possible in 25m), and drop my talented HST.

    In 10m, I found that, because of the three camps, my chain heal was not working optimally without the glyph, so i just stayed with glyphed Riptide.

    Further, I can't find AG useful without getting a Hand of Protection which goes to our druid. Therefore, I took rushing streams, and HST was actually my second strongest heal after HR.

    Unfortunately, I can't give you any hints for 25m, but having six healers doesn't sound like you will have healing difficulties.

    Our biggest obstacle right now is that the repositioning after the kite phase is a bit too slow and that the bats are not going down fast enough or aggro and one-shoot DDs ^^


    Thx for the hints regarding Water Shield glyph, the DD meta gem, dealing a bit of damage and Hero/Bloodlust for bats, very much appreciated.

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    I use Conductivity on this fight, and use chain heal pretty liberally I run around the 15k haste break point using both amp trinkets. At this break point you should always be able to fit a chain heal in between screeches, but I know I'm the minority here, but I like that better than riptide spamming.

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    The extra healing rain tick is 15316 haste if you aren't goblin and you are using AS. Also convince your raid leader to work in your healing tide for the later screetches. I get about 27 mil from 3 HTT's. Try to work your ascendance in during the devo chains when you can get your chain heals off. Our OS ele uses glyphed riptide for this fight, it makes things easier. I do not.

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    It ended up going pretty well. First few attempts were horrid but by the end I was keeping up with are MS Resto shaman. I went for the 8882 breakpoint and I definitely think going for the next tick of healing rain is the way to go. I found that I could get a chain heal off in between the screeches and build up my healing rain with conductivity. I kept up riptide on one target and just chained off of this person. I'd say it went extremely well. Our other resto shaman is going to switch his build to get the extra HR tick. Definitely worth it.

    The advice about keeping up FS and the fire ele will be noted for sure.


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