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    Quote Originally Posted by Svifnymr View Post
    While (as I mentioned) I loved "click on sign post to go there" autopilot, there were also times that cutting across an outcropping would have just been easier/ made more sense, but alas, you were confined to specific areas.
    Yes, but is that a gameplay function? Or merely poor area design?

    The latter is possible in nearly all games. But that isn't necessarily a direct function of gameplay.

    For example, I can not "jump" out of the way of a fireball in Everquest. Having jump as an action has no function outside of traversal. Which has no gameplay function, only interaction with the environment. We could consider interaction at a high level a type of gameplay- though more gradually we would call these game mechanics.

    However, in GW2 I can jump out of the way of a fireball. That is gameplay in both the over sense of general mechanics and operation of play- and in the granular sense of game mechanics as in the exact operation and mechanics of play.

    GW1 is kinda more like EQ. Jumping really would not have mattered much to the gameplay. There were no mechanics that needed or allowed traversal to effect the instance of play other than to say getting from A->B.

    So why do you need to jump in GW1? [rhetorical]

    Now if one were to say, "I think jumping in GW1 could have been used to enhance or add to blahblah mechanics." Sure, that's a potentially interesting speculation.

    It is only in the sequel that Anet used the jump action as an actual element of game mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtbrig7390 View Post
    It dose not cost that much to get all the GW1 content.

    If you can find someone selling the complete collection it costs around $30. Gamestop is sold out it seems.
    You can find Guild Wars trilogy on steam for $30, but I don't think it has Eye of the North.

    My preference is GW1. I played it for much, much longer than I Did GW2. Dual professions, healing, no predetermined skills. I liked the story in 1 better than 2. Signet of Capture/skill hunting was fun for me, made quite a few friends doing runs for elites.

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    I didn't really care for the first guild wars for a couple reasons. I didn't like how everything was instanced and you needed to be in groups or in a town to see other players. I also didn't like how if you made a pvp character you couldn't go through the story. I didn't like how you couldn't jump. it wasn't a huge issue, I just like being able to jump up mountains or even fences (lol) and explore. Also the controls felt clunky.

    I think gw2 fixed a lot of things I didn't like about gw and mmos in general. I mean gw2 is the only mmo I have ever enjoyed leveling in. There are some things that need to be worked on as well. The combat is really basic, some professions are more complex than others, but in general it could use something. Also I think the story could improve, but from what I have seen it is getting better. I also hear that the gw1 story started out poorly and that nightfall was the best expansion at telling the story. I have a feeling that arenanet will just get better and better with the story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    I think they are very different games. With very different goals and design.

    That said, Guild Wars 1 is one of the most mechanically well designed games of it's era. Guild Wars 1 is far more complex in rules, game mechanics and better executed in the design of narrative drive and presentation than the sequel.

    However, GW1 and 2 are just aimed at very different audiences. Times changed.

    Do I enjoy Guild Wars 1 more? Sure. But GW2 is it's own thing too.
    Gameplay mechanics is the only thing makes GW2 different from GW, the story was built off of GW, in-which makes it a continuation of GW, <- hopefully you know that, some people outright deny the link from GW to GW2 (likely because of the random filler crap we've gotten so far to meet development schedules the becoming a "MMO" brought)

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    what I want to know is...did the 2 of the 3 founding members leave because they saw the sad direction the other clown wanted to drag the series in...and they couldn't stomach it...honestly...gw2 shouldn't even be named as such...the relevance apart from being in the same world is all there is, just a name to curry more familiarity and sales.

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    ANet has shat all over the legacy of GW1 with GW2. It's cool though, I'll just play GW1 now since it's actually good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otaka View Post
    Not really... it took quite sometime for me to know how to get legendary and how some of those forges and crafting work in gw2.
    And there are still people daily in my guild asking how to do this and that... and even more people who ask how to get a legendary.
    Its complicated process especially for a new player.
    Even the dungeon armor gathering was tiny bit complicated at first but once you know what dungeons drop what tokens and you are good to go... i didnt bother with those for many months. And legendary took alot more researching to figure out how to get one... it ends up requiring a pre-weapon that drops from world bosses and after that you need tons of materials to make it.

    Same thing with gw1... the story side was complicated to do with the henchman first but few years later i managed to continue it, maybe it got nerfed i dont know... but still at some point you come upon quests in gw1 which proves to be a brickwall unless you have a grp of players to do it with. Some are impossible with henchman if your character doesnt have good gear.
    Your counter argument is that GW2 has a complicated grind process?

    What's complicated about throwing your materials away in the mystic toilet? Or collecting tokens to give to a merchant which every damn MMO has done before.

    The only thing complicated about GW2 is the RNG madness because it often seems broken and way over or under tuned.

    I beat all of GW1 with henchmen. It's possible, you are probably one of those layman they wanted to grab into GW2 - too lazy to get better and change your build up to counter the enemy AI so you just give up.

    Filthy casuals lol.. at least you can faceroll everything in the sequel huh I'm sure you are enjoying yourself a lot more.
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