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    Having multiple enchanters of different armor proficiency has been extremely useful this tier if you spend a lot of time on Timeless Isle. I have cloth, leather and plate wearing enchanters and have been able to sell hundreds of sha crystals from the timeless gear collected while keeping 10-15 stacks on me in case something came up.

    Agree that cooking is pretty great.

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    ^ this. I have 2 enchanters so I just run around timeless isle killing all the rares and mobs and everything I can to get tokens for sha crystals. It's probably not the fastest method but when you're after the 535 trinket or the 100k coin mount or exalted rep or whatever making a good bit of gold on the side doesn't hurt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    I had to vendor all gems.
    Are you kidding us ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hye-Jin View Post
    JC is terrible.
    Echanting is not bad, but I dont do other things than crafting some Weapon enchants from the sha Crystals I have spare.

    Best profession imo is still cooking
    You're either high, or attempting to troll hardcore. JC is NOT terrible, and I use JC/Ench "casually," to make a decent amount of gold. With little to no effort.

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    Hey Cle why not follow your own sure advice whereby you were insisting you could make gold cap from selling lovebirds within a few weeks?

    JC ench has probably been the best combination to have for profit making. Obviously not so at the end of an expansion. I expect JC to be pegged back severely next expansion.

    All servers are different. The other factors are population which affects the natyre of supply and demand as well as Bots.

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