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    Does anyone else have a problem with soundfiles for certain races?

    I have always thought that the voices used in wow sounded quite fake and unrealistic. That's just how I would describe them. You could love them.

    However, there are a group of races such as orcs, tauren, trolls, etc, in which the voices are really really deep and really really gravelly.
    I'm not sure if this is because of the way they edit the voices or just the actors they use, but when I listen to these voices, I really hate how they sound and they make me feel really ill listening to them. For example, the sound files from Gammon in the SOO made me have an unpleasant physical reaction that I am not going to go into, just because it sounded so unnatural and gravelly.

    I am sure this is just a me problem, in the way that everyone has these sorts of things that they get odd reactions to, but does anyone else really dislike the way voices are done in wow? Do you really love the way they are done? Which race's voices do you like or dislike? I would like to hear your opinions.

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    While I'd like player characters to have the same voice set ranges npcs have (changeable via a "speech trainer" in game for gold), Im gona have to disagree with you on the voices of orcs and trolls. They aren't super deep or gravelly to my ears.

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    Sounds like a 'just you' problem to me. Not sure what part of a normal Tauren voice could make you have a reaction apparently too... strange to speak of here.
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    If a video game makes you physically ill, you should probably stop playing.

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