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    Are Warlock loots affected by loot specilization?

    I've been after the Tier 16 helmet/Flameslinger's Fiery Cowl (Galakras) and Damien's Icy Vein Mask (Ordos) for months, but without any luck. So I was wondering it had something to do with my spec (Destruction). Is there a higher chance of getting either of the aforementioned items if I chance my loot specilization to Demo or Affliction?


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    The only time a pure DPS spec from a class differs from the same class but a different DPS spec are weapons. Fury has one handers on their table, arms does not. Combat has swords/fist weapons/axes on their table and doesn't have daggers. Unholy DK doesn't have one handers while frost does. For specs that use the same primary stat (ie. not elemental shaman compared to enhance shaman), I think that covers all the possible times it may matter.

    Additionally, for something like a priest or boomkin, shadow/boomkin will also have all +hit items as well as +spirit items. So if you were wanting to roll for a specific ring or neck, it may make more sense to roll as holy/disc/resto to take out all of the +hit items as possibilities.
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