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    Quote Originally Posted by jrswish1g View Post
    This past week I had 4 runestones coming into this tuesdays reset, I literally only got runestones from bosses that are 100% drop rate which equates to only 2 in 14 bosses... It's extremely frustrating.

    Anyone else have this bad of luck?
    Yep, my monk had (unsubbed, can't check, and don't care to) something like 38 sigils of power and like 5 sigils of wisdom. Just stopped trying on him. My shaman never got a non-100% runestone drop. The sigils and secrets went by really quick though. Dwarf was soloed and the PVP was easy cuz... lol Horde. But those damn runestones. /shakesafist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratyrel View Post
    a big power gain after all.
    Oh gosh, yes.

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    yes that is normal and not uncommon to get none

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    Got 4 in my first week, 4 last 3 this week. I'm now one short and i'm having a break from my main while I wait for Wednesday.

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    Ben there, done that. I also had this kind of bad luck. I feel your pain.
    If that makes you feel better, I also once got 5 runestones or so in the same week. Random number is random.
    Thank you, gentlemen. Someday I will repay you, unless of course I can't find you, or if I forget.

    An allusion! What are you implying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrswish1g View Post
    only 2 in 14 bosses... It's extremely frustrating.
    Answer is in the game; "I got mouths to feed Pal!" - says the goblin.

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    First 3 cloaks i got, secrets/runestone part done in 2 weeks each, yes very lucky i know,
    4th cloak i am getting, past 2 weeks i got 2 runestones from the 100% bosses, that's rng catching up with me

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    Got 9 on my first reset - problem???
    Tank dies = Maybe healer's fault
    Healer dies = Tank's fault
    DPS dies = Their own bloody fault

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    Took me 5 weeks to get the runestones but worth it in the end.

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