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    Boomkin Question.

    I don't have any logs for the flex in question so I apologize ahead of time. Just a quick question about boomkin, I tend to get bored and swap my off-spec around a fair bit doing pvp and recently decided to take up a real nod at going boomkin.
    I had a 540 ilvl going into a flex last night for boomkin, Flex staff off of Galakros, the crit trinket from normal mode ToT and the flex cleave trinket. I know they are not great but its what I had. At the 10289 (I believe is the number) haste break point.
    I was multi dotting adds on Galakros, and sat aroud 150k sustained dps, which felt low but I wasn't overly concerned given I was towards the top of the flex. Iron Juggernaught next and I was sitting at 160k while helping jump on mines, then the tank turned the boss mid breath around as I landed and I ate dirt from the flame debuff. Got rezzed and settled in at 130k afterwards. Shamans I managed about 145k with the three tank method. (The tank on bottom was sprinting all around the room even when not needed so a bit more movement then I expected.)
    I took to world of logs to compare, and it is sort of hard to given everyone out geared me and slowly searching for boomkin logs at my gear level felt hopeless. But I noticed all these guys pulling 200k plus like closer to 250k plus were 565 ilvl, which is only 25 ilvls more then me.
    So, without logs, is my weapon/trinkets a likely culprit for such a dps disparity compared to 25 ilvls? If not could anyone give me their general dps at or around 540 ilvl that they remember (from ToT if need be)? At least as a measuring stick for where I am and need to get.
    Sorry I know it is fairly vague without logs, but I didn't think to run them for it.

    Also will say that on light movement sim craft it told me that I was only going to manage 179k, but I don't know how accurate that is.
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    Don't despair fellow Boomkin. 25ilvl might seem like a small difference, but get just the right trinkets and weapon (spellpower is huge!) and you can shoot for the stars! (pun intended)

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    25 item levels can easily be 100k dps with the right slots.

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    yeah, i wouldn't worry about this, moonkins are VERY gear based, when i was building my moonkin off set going from 555 to 570 was legit like 150k dps.

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