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    20-30 as it's the first time you get a feel for your class and before you get bored of it.

    The worst is of course Outland, but it's always fun to chain dungeon past it, since lots of people want to skip through like this the queues are always lovely and short.
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    For me it depends on the class and when it gets the most fun abilities. In general I'd say 1-10 because its all new the worst for me is by far 58-68. I hate outland!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    58-68 ofc..

    Are there anyone who doesn't love Outland?
    I hate outland with a passion. I'm always happy once I passed that dreadful level range.

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    58-68, followed by
    68-80, yes its 12, but still

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    I do a lot of PVP while leveling, and 74 is the first bracket in which heirlooms are inferior. It's very easy to get honor geared for 70-74, yet most people don't. 68-69 is also a fun level in BGs because you can start using Northrend gear, or you can use BC gear with WOTLK gems. 64 also happens to be a pretty fun bracket, as some of the 60 honor gear is still pretty top tier.

    I also like 64-74 because Nagrand and Dragonblight are my two of my favorite zones in the game.
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    I just love going to a quest hub, pick 48932743 quests and do them all at the same time. Much better than go to a place, pick 1-2 quests, do them, go back, pick 1 quest do it, pick another quest...I just hate what they did in MoP and Cataclysm.

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    90-100. want expansion and im long since bored of the old lvl content.

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    58-68, the speed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    58-68 ofc..

    Are there anyone who doesn't love Outland?
    Outland questing is horrible.

    It is my least favorite by far.

    1-55 for me (they seemed to run out of steam at 55 when the redid the zones)

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    the first 10... everything after that til 90 is boring.

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    1-10 Blood elf, also Ghostlands was a fine place in the older days. 10-20 Old Barrens, hate the new Barrens so much.

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    74-84 semi twink bgs it is faceroll

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    After leveling 19 characters to max level, I say favorite is 80-90 and least favorite is 68-78

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    Fun topic. I really enjoy starting zones for just about all the races, so in general I'd say level 5-15 (just enough of a start to have a few abilities, and level 15 usually ends the first story arc for most races).

    Post-starting zone, I've always enjoyed being in Outland. Not only do I enjoy questing there, but I just enjoy the non-Azeroth environment.

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    I like everything but 58-68. I just don't like to level in Outland. I don't know what it is but questing in those zones annoys me. I usually just spam dungeons/bgs so I can get into Northrend fast.

    My favourite parts are Worgen and Forsaken starting zones though.

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    I like the 45-55 range also. Love doing BRD. I try to do it fully at least once for each alt (that reach that level).
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    Quote Originally Posted by rinleezwins View Post
    20-30 I guess. You got mount, many easy dungs to run and you just blast through those levels.
    20-30 is always so fun with any new character. After that, I'd probably say 45-55. It used to be an awful leveling experience trough those levels, but with the changes in Cata it became fun again!

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    80-90. Everything before Cata is just complete trash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MCBGamer View Post
    Honestly...... please don't kill me..... I like Cataclysm. I think its just because the leveling is.... simpler.... I think... I just really like the leveling. I can go from one zone to the next with not much anything to worry about, and the story, especially in Vashjr and Uldum, never gets old. I have a feeling after Warlords is released and they nerf EXP in Mists again it will be Mists, only reason it isn't Mists now is because of the still, even after nerfs, long grind to 90, it just feels like a chore once I leave the Jade Forest.
    I really enjoy 80-85 as well. The quests flow nicely, the lore is good and the dungeons are perfectly spaced out and cool. Also they're probably the most difficult dungeons in the levelling experience.

    People really underrate Cata.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    70 - 80. Northrend is simply superior to everything else, though I do enjoy Outland as well, so a close second is 60 - 70.
    Soooooo slow, all the gear is fugly, despite Wrath having heaps of dungeons you wind up doing Utgarde Keep and Violet Hold 1000 times.

    Wrath levelling was spectacular the first time, back in Wrath. Gets really old though once you've seen it all a few times.

    I really hope the 10 levels in WoD don't make levelling alts tedious like 60-70 and 70-80.

    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    1 - 10 is also great for Worgen, and for the Forsaken 10 - 20.
    Forsaken from Tirisfal->Silverpine->Hillsbrad best questing in the game IMO.
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    70-80. Those level 77,78,79 twinks in bgs ^_^

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