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    Fail with heartstone already /shoo

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    We also still don't know who the new lead designer is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheedi View Post
    - The StarCraft Team are thinking about StarCraft: Ghosts

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    Sry didnt read all pages so maybe repost but: Hearthstoen was released 12th March, and a Developer mentioned they aim for early fall. My work here is done
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheedi View Post
    - Hearthstone release date: 15 april
    They'll have to work quickly to make that deadline. It could be...taxing.
    - Heroes of the Storm wont be released this year
    But no release date? Like, March 17 2015? Cause apparently, they're doing that now.
    - The Dark Below is still the name of the project name Titan and the team grew 50%
    If "the Dark Below" really is about the Nerubian underground empire, my Titan might grow 50%.
    - The Warlords of Draenor Cinematic Trailer is 70 % finished. It will be released 2 months before the release
    So...around April 15th? Man, busy day for Blizzard. They're not withholding anything back.
    - The Team is thinking about to cancel BlizzCon 2014
    Breccia is thinking about to correct your grammar in 2014.
    - The Cinematic Team is also working on the SC2 LotV Cinematic Trailer. The plan is that it will be shown at BlizzCon 2014
    Which will be difficult to do if they to cancel BlizzCon. But, you know, the entire event going missing, minor detail.
    - The first Warcraft Movie Trailer will be shown a half year before the release, NOT at BlizzCon 2014 most movies, then? Gotcha. Also, good call on them not showing a trailer at the BlizzCon they're thinking about to cancel.
    - Informations about The Dark Below wont be revealed at BlizzCon 2014
    Yeah because they're..ah f** it.
    - A new game is in development
    Um, yeah, the Dark Below. Did you even read your own list?
    - Warcraft IV is not planned
    I already take World of Warcraft through an IV.
    - The StarCraft Team are thinking about StarCraft: Ghosts
    Is it anything like Call of Duty: Ghost? If so, f*** that s*** except the playable dog.
    - Two new Diablo III expansions are in development
    Well we're fighting Death this time, so Pestilence and Famine are probably on deck, yeah.
    - Two new World of Warcraft expansions are in development
    So, Warlords of Draenor and the one after that? The only thing that would surprise me is if the next one doesn't have Garrosh taking a giant piss all over the game. Probably as a zombie.
    - A Hearthstone expansion is in development. It wont be a Diablo or StarCraft edition
    Shame, too. I would really like to use a heartstone in StarCraft. Zerg rush, meet bubblehearth.
    - The Team wants to launch expansions faster but it is still a problem because there arent enough good developers who applied at Blizzard Entertainment
    Well that seems like a really crappy thing to say, even privately. "Welcome to the Team, everyone. Shame we'll have to hold back our production schedule, which includes two more new expansions, because none of you are good enough. Now help us make a mediocre product like Call of Duty: Ghosts"
    - Soon you will get more informations about the new character models. 50% of them are done right now.
    Let's see, posted Jan 31st, latest model reveal nearly six weeks later. So, Blizz has them finished, but is sitting on them?
    - New models for worgen and goblins are planned with the 6th expansion. Photoshops of them are already done but it takes a long time to get them into life
    This is highly surprising information. Considering, you know, they announced this at BlizzCon 2013.
    - The Diablo III Team didnt grow. 40% of the StarCraft Team are now in the HotS Team thats why LotV takes a long time
    Man, those developers were not only not good enough, but apparently not many in number, either. Blizzard needs a better HR division.
    - The new Lead Designer will be.... you will hear it in february.
    Yeah, shame not enough good developers applied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheedi View Post
    - Warlords of Draenor release date: 24 june
    Serious, non-sarcastic answer: Yeah, no. I cannot think of a business on earth that would set
    (a) set a release date like that in stone that far in advance, and
    (b) then tell the customers of that very same product it will be six months later.
    (c) Also, no way do they get done all the new models by June 24.

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