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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemonpartyfan View Post
    No, thats just a diversion, because you don't have a reply =]. See, you suffer from confirmation bias, just because you likely agree with the person I was arguing with, you will forgive their insults, repetition, and bullcrap and blame their opponent for everything(me). Its very sad really.
    You really do talk a load of old twoddle... you assume my pov - I don't need to reply to this post as I have previously stated the person I agreed with sums up the point very well, so nothing is required - here I'll relink it for you in case you missed it again:

    "And people wondered when the WoW community became toxic. Well here's a good example of somebody that doesn't read or has no reading comprehension skills. He can only repeat what he has said a thousand times before and insult other people. Everything he says is right (or a fact), anything someone else said is wrong (and not even considered an opinion). I really hope you "behave" different in-game "

    See I agreed with neither you or the many people that disagreed with you but a third party commenting on the thread in general. Good to see you confirmed their point by missing this completely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenBos View Post
    GTA 5 has not sold so well on PC and the Multi player version (the one that is measured through Xfire) was not that good. It typically shows that on line competitive PC games are played LOOOOONG after they have been published.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stonecloak View Post
    Yea ring has been around since vanilla, and it's not going away. Sorry to be blunt but it's a stupid idea. It adds to the excitement. This is basic. Humans like to be surprised.
    I must not be human because I loathe surprises.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbamboozal View Post
    Intelligence is like four wheel drive, it's not going to make you unstoppable, it just sort of tends to get you stuck in more remote places.
    Quote Originally Posted by MerinPally View Post
    If you want to be disgusted, next time you kiss someone remember you've got your mouth on the end of a tube which has shit at the other end, held back by a couple of valves.

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    Personally I think it would kinda ruin the fun of raiding.

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    Previous expansions' raid gear drops should be available at a vendor for transmog purposes, I think. Farming a raid hoping for that one transmog item that won't drop is a needless waste of time.

    The only exception to this would be vanity items such as companion pets and mounts, and legendary items.
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    No they shouldn't. Talk about entitlement attitude.

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    The thing not mentioned is that the bosses in every tier are supposed to be tougher than the previous. So it may be easy to kill the first boss of the tier but the second is tougher and so on. The gear you gain from the first boss helps you beat the next boss and so on. If your vendor model was applied here, the first of tier of the expansion would have to be cleared in heroic dungeon blues only. So the difficulty of each boss would be the same. That's boring. Also, there would be little to no gear being disenchanted, so there would be little in the way of enchanting mats. But why would you need enchant mats, you would only probably be getting a new piece of gear every 3-4 weeks once you have the tier on farm. Finally, how frustrated would you be to only get gear once you cleared the tier and clearing the tier required 2-3 months of work? Most normal mode teams cleared SoO after 2-3 months after it was launched.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyHellfire View Post
    That was your 666th post, man, and it was reply to a guy who's last name is Hellfire. This clearly means something!
    Yep, he got banned for it.

    I'm afraid.

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    The house always wins.

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