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    Holy priest healing vs other healers

    Just curious if its just me or is it something with being a holy priest. I get out healed by rshaman, hpally, and druids in arena and rbgs when geared equally. I have confidence in my ability to hold down the healz on a node or in arena but when I lookbat the healing done at the end of a rbg or arena the other healers almost always out heal me by a lot. Am I doing something wrong? I notice that holy priest tend to oom faster than other healers so I dont spam heal but try to drop the right heal for the situation.

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    meters dont mean much. its easy to over heal. but as far as mana is concerned i also seem to have problems sometimes compared to other classes.
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    Id you are lower in healing try to cc and dispel more. A ittle can go a long way and make you look better ont he charts. Anyways healers should be ccing, it stops damage, which is much more effective than healing that damage.
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    They do seem to heal less, but it hardly matters to be honest. Healing done means virtually nothing. Not only because things like CC and dispels are more important, but think of it this way:

    You're in an arena, you're running maybe RMP, an incredibly heavy CC comp, you fight a KFC, a decent CC comp but one more based around damage. Your team is playing well, attacking the Hunter, the Warrior is trying to peel, but is getting chain sheeped. At the end of the game, your team will be ahead in damage, so their healer will be ahead in healing. It doesn't matter who wins, you'll still do less healing, because their team is doing less damage. You can't do more healing than there is damage, so if your team does say 6 mil damage, and their team does say 3 mil damage, you will *always* heal for less, win or lose.

    Sometimes your team can do less damage and you still heal for less and win, depending on if it's spread damage or single target, but more or less if your team does more damage you'll heal for less. So yeah, meters mean nothing, at all.

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    Reason I brought this up is I can only find rbgs off trade chat and after the bg is over win or lose my healing done almost always trails other healers significantly. I was wondering if other holy priests are able to keep up or top the charts? It just looks bad after a lose when I get almost doubled on the charts by a hpal or whatever. I dont know, what are you other holy priests noticing as far as how you compare?

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    I never had any problems topping healing meters in rbgs, but I only played with dogshit sub-1900 teams. With equal skill, priests are by far the weakest healers now, in both arena and rbgs.

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