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    Finding a cool name that isn't already taken.

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    When people die or otherwise fail to something (boss mechanics, ganking, whatever) while I don't because I saw it coming a mile away.

    PVP on the Timeless Isle is a great example. I go there on my scrubbo alts (on a busy PVP server) and have no problems finishing my quests/rep farming/etc typically without dieing once.

    Or another good example (not to beat a dead horse, as it were) is the green fire quest. I knocked that out in less than ten attempts, most of which were spent getting macros to work, with pretty subpar gear. The whole thing has pretty strict ability timers, everything happens in an exact order, and the major abilities are telegraphed blatantly meaning if you just remember the order and have the next counter-ability ready all you gotta do is halfass your way through your DPS rotation and you win.

    Situational awareness... forethought... intuition... all lost concepts on so much of the population.
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    I feel bad for anyone who strives to "feel better than others" in a game. One can perform better, sure, but FEEL? Please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ealyssa View Post
    This !

    When my main is full flex geared and I deliver nearly the same dps than 50-70% heroic geared player I know I'm doing right. (outside really geared lock, these can't be touched it's insane).
    Not so much you're doing it right, but the people you know are fucking terrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leaks View Post
    Um nothing? Who struts around looking for reasons to feel superior to everyone else? Wait don't answer that...
    You feel better than the others who are posting seriously in this topic don't you?
    So posting that made you feel better than those wow players?

    Before you ask, yes making this post makes me feel better than you. So what? Sue me xD

    In WoW:
    Well I haven't played seriously since WotLK, but during Vanilla and TBC I felt AMAZING when I was second or first on the DPS list (with competent dpsérs in the group) as a RETRIBUTION paladin 8)

    During WotLK: my dps I guess...didn't compare myself much to others here.
    Cata: I hardly played during cata, maybe my choice not to play during this horrible expac makes me feel better than those that did play :P
    MoP: The few months I did play; it was my transmog set and my mounts
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    My merrymaker title obviously.

    I don't know, I've got so many mounts and titles I just use whatever I want. I like my transmog, dunno how cool it is. One part is no longer available ingame I believe, so I guess that's something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasti View Post
    You feel better than the others who are posting seriously in this topic don't you?
    So posting that made you feel better than those wow players?
    No, no I don't
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    i just came back to the game and spent a little time looking for a guild they all turned me down because im sub 550 ilvl.

    i like to look at their logs and judge their moonkins, usually they are terrible and i outperform them in lfr+flex gear :3

    (i wasn't trying to get into any really good guilds)
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    Quote Originally Posted by crunk View Post
    when i do pugs and outdps everybody even though i just came back to the game and have lfr gear + a handful of flex things
    Flex is usually more than most pugs have in my experience.

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    That I still have fun in this game instead of bitching about every little thing. With a playful demeanor I still do competitive dps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpheus View Post
    People doing below 200k dps? Ain't nobody got time for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by smartazjb0y View Post
    Why? Why should content be gated behind skill?
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    Having Puzzle Box of Yogsarron stuck in all my macros.

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    I'm assuming those without self esteem issues won't care to be "better" than others, and players with a fragile one will complain if there is no way to feel "better".

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    I play a Human Male for the aesthetics.
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    Better at WoW than some? Absolutely.
    Better at WoW than everybody? Absolutely not.

    Objectively only 2 people aren't like that (Absolute worst and absolute best) and that boils down into impossibly determined criteria on best and worst.

    That being said, I have at least an ounce of good leadership skills. I can explain mechanics simply and thoroughly while being over prepared with food, potions, and flasks for me and possibly others who may have forgotten (or are just poor). I don't promise I'm the best, fastest, or most stylish raid leader, but I can get through an encounter and herd cats along the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redpanda View Post
    That I still have fun in this game instead of bitching about every little thing. With a playful demeanor I still do competitive dps.
    I find it incredible how much of a rarity this has become, I sometimes just feel so alone when I read all the hate on this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nirse View Post
    Doing competitive damage while not standing in shit
    This /10chars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toffie View Post
    I try my best to remain calm and polite to everyone & I don't feel like I'm better than anyone, thats just silly.
    You are better than everybody else in this thread.
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    I don't insult people, get snippy or rage quit. If a run is on its way down the toilet and I want to cut my losses, I bow out politely and thank everybody for their time. Costs nothing to be kind to strangers, even if they don't deserve civility.

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