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    Minor Glyph idea.

    Your swift form's instant cast, now benefits all your flying mounts.

    - - - Updated - - -

    OK maybe with the exception of special abilities ones like that one it takes passengers.

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    Aslong as its only flying mounts, instant ground mount in arena is super OP. Its super annoying during Halloween than everybody got the broom in arena.

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    Well it'd have that exception too obviously. They have crippled the game in tons of aspects around pvp anyway (e.g. nothing that walks on water works).

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    I would love this. I already use flying mounts for longer flights where a second here or there won't really affect anything, simply because I dislike the way the troll flight form looks. The worgen flight form is actually the only flight form I like...

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    10,000 troll boomkins on crimson pandaren phoenixes
    coming to a server near you

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