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    Delaying T16 for faster release?

    What about Blizzard release WoD 1 month quicker by puting more efforts on dungeons, quest and other stuff and delay the 1st raiding tier by a month or so

    As a full time raider since Wrath, I find the launch of an expansion rly hard, need to level and gear within a week to raid on week 2

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    Aren't the raids closed for the first week or two of a expansion so everyone could start on a even field and not just fly to cap and plow through the raids?

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    Curious.... How will you delay T16, when it was released 4,5 months ago?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    Curious.... How will you delay T16, when it was released 4,5 months ago?
    Well we are going into the time travel expansion!

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    no way man that is why expansions are epic at the beginning, you know when you rebuild your character from scratch and you are fighting for blue dungeon drops and farming for profession crafts, doing everything to get your character ready for the next week raid.

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    would be great, I don't wanna raid anyway
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    Well with MoP Blizzard have introduced how raid will work from now on. They wount be open straight on week 1, but rather in the begging of week 2, but to be opened in the begigng of week 5?!? No! just NO! BLizzard can't make so much content that could last 4 weeks without raiding, or even if they do that content will be burned in those 4 weeks and the only thing left for you will be raiding. It wount work at all like that, yet on the other hand it might be good for people with limited time for leveling, but yet still wanting ot raid mor eor less seriously(i am slowly becoming one of these persons ). I would like it if the firts tier of WoD will be opened on the begging of week 3 instead of week 2
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    I wouldn't mind honestly. This would also help provide a little extra buffer for guilds transitioning from 10m heroic groups to mythic. 1 month would be the max wait though.
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