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    15318 haste cap worth as moonkin or not?

    First of all hello, im nevril in game playing wow from the start and reading on this forums for a while now but now its time to discuss aswell .

    what i would like to now should it be worth to reforge to 15318 haste cap, but loosing 1060 int and 4180 mastery?, or would it be better to stay at 10289 haste and stack on crit?

    I cant post links yet, but im playing on emerald dream, alliance with nevril, so if you wanna see my armory there you can find it

    Best regards nevril

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    Stay at 10289 haste. It's not worth going above 10296 as it is our GCD cap with NG up. This means that most of the haste beyond that breakpoint is wasted and going for the 15k one is definitely not worth it.
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    Going for the 15k breakpoint is never a good idea.

    If you're a hipster or something and want a different cap to go for then try 10779 as a Troll. It's a breakpoint for Meta + Berserking + Bloodlust also getting the 10681 breakpoint of Berserking + Meta. Sims at a 200-300 DPS loss from 10289. Technically with jesus level RNG it could be a DPS increase but it's not really worth going for.

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    Thx for the advice!!

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