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    1) Wrath

    2) Tie between the music in SWP and Storm Peaks.

    3) Yes, it is increasing in quality.

    4) More drums and bass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    First time I heard the music, and ran into the city I got the feeling that this game was something completely different to all the others I had played.
    I'll remember that until the day I die

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    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise?
    Vanilla (Even if not expansion) and Wrath

    2. Favourite individual track from games history?
    Vanilla soundtrack is close to my heart. Stormwind is maybe the best for me. Also track "War" (Reminds me of Return to Castle Wolfenstein) describes that Warcraft feels so well:

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why?
    Decreased IMO, Cata and MoP haved some good music, but mostly it was bland or they tried too much to be "epic".

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?
    Don't really know what to expect. But hoping for some good memorable tracks.
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    1. Hard questions, every expansion has good music, but I'd go for Cataclysm. It enhanced old soundtracks and added some new.

    2. Only one? Now it's even harder :P I could post here half of WOTLK, TBC or Catalysm soundtrack, but I chose one.

    I love Nagrand music, it's so tranquil and has kind of cosmic and mysterious feeling, especially when you look up and see the sky.

    Ok, I'll post another one :P

    Another track greatly matching zone, remote feeling of being deep underwater.

    3. Definitely increased, music feels more polished. Vanilla tracks are great and climatic, but as for me, comparing them to expansion ones, they sound kind of raw.

    4. More TBC like soundtracks. Brutal oricsh themes and amazing draeneic music.

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    Another one to give a look if you're doubting the quality of the music in MoP!
    pencil is cool

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    1. Favourite soundtrack

    Can't choose, I'd say Vanilla=TBC=WOTLK cause of nostalgia but Cata is also very good.

    2. Favorite track

    How to choose the best from dozens? But let's say

    3. Quality of soundtracks improved or not?

    I think that Blizz is constantly keeping good work with the music, so new soundtracks are neither better or worse. That's what I think objectively, but personally I don't really like MoP, not my type of music.

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    My favourite music overall is probably from TBC, but here are a few contenders from each expansion.

    Vanilla: Ashenvale
    TBC: Shattrath
    WotLK: Ulduar Interior / Algalon (close contenders)
    Cataclysm: Vortex Pinnacle
    MoP: Timeless Isle

    The music has been a very strong part of the feeling of all expansions for me, I often play with the music on and game sound disabled, rarely with my own music in the background.
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    Ulduar's Antechamber is my favorite, but this take from the Cataclysm Login theme is the greatest single piece of music they have written, produced, and recorded. So, so epic.
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    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise &why? Burning Crusade theme cause intensity

    2. Favourite individual track from games history &why? Nightsong cause awesome

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why? increased. The orchestral score is some of the best modern classical music you can find.

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?
    more good stuff cause the composers they hired produce auditory gold.

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    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise &why?

    WoD seems super promising, but out of the released expansions so far, I'd have to go for Wrath. Invincible is just awesome. The nordic themes are awesome. Just, yeah, awesome.

    2. Favourite individual track from games history &why?

    The Battle-pet tracks. Why? Because they are the bleeding Warcraft II soundtracks, and those things are pretty much unbeatable.

    If that counts as cheating, I'd have to say the Burning Crusade login screen music. How WoW started to mix with the Illidan theme from Warcraft 3... Ah, good times.

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why?

    We had a small dip in originality over the length of expansions, and I can't really comment on MoP as I haven't played it yet, but I'd say we're getting better and better.

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?

    What I hope: Some of the Warcraft 1-2 themes popping up.

    What's guaranteed: Drums, drums and moar drums. Just listen to the sample tracks they gave us. "Savage" is the key word, and if trailer music would count in this list, WoD's announcement one would be a contender for best track. Go smashy smashy! If we have to suffer through even more orcs, at least we get to do it to badass music! ^^

    Edit: Operation Gnomeregan deserves a special mention too!
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    1. exp: Wrath

    2. My number one is ofc Arths, My Son (Wrath)
    Nightsong (cata)
    The Traveler's Path
    Why Do We Fight?
    Townlong Steps (MoP)
    And last but not least Season of War
    I also love the music on WoD's debute trailer it was just epic

    3. NO! I can't say if the quality decreased, I didn't like every soundtrack from vanilla and Wrath either but there are a few number of them I absolutely love and I can understand and connect with. It has always been the same level of quality and was always delivered that the atmospheric feel of the expansion and story. Though TBC was perhaps my least favorite.

    4. You know my expectations are the same, that BlizzCon trailer music just was completely epic and btw if any of you has a link to complete version would love to get that. I really like to see some vocal stuff like the Traveler's Path, Nightsong and Arthas, My Son, the first time I heard them I was enchanted by them.

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    Grizzly Hills music
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    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise &why?
    Wrath had a lot of themes that went perfect with the zone played in, but then again Blizzard is great at getting players immersed. Great examples have already been stated, Grizzly Hills, Vashj'ir etc.

    2. Favourite individual track from games history &why?
    "Music of Icecrown - Bronze Jam" (sorry folks, first post so I can't embed haha)
    Nuff said.... Nah, just again showing how that particular song went with Forge of Souls and the boss you fight. More boss themes please.

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why?
    Sure I get annoyed when I enter Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the same song start over and over, but the game is keeping true to World of Warcraft. Love the ambiance soundtracks while leveling or even gathering in Four Winds.

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?
    Well we've already been given a taste, but I'm sure we'll still be given some great zone wide themes, New Shadowmoon Valley will have more of that mystical feel I reckon, but we'll just have to wait. Never have I had to think about the soundtracks, as I always thought of WoW and Good soundtracks going hand in hand.

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