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    RBG: Prot or Hpally?

    The goal is to reach 1800 rating with oqueue/pugs. I have enough conquest to spend on 1 set of gear, should I go prot or holy? which spec currently has higher demand/more popular? and which one is usually easier to play?


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    Prot is easy to play but it is pretty useless. The worst mobility of all tanks and not too great of a damage reduction against casters. Just go holy.

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    i havnt done rbgs at all this expan but as far as i know prot pallys have never been useful for
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    Prot pallies are about as welcome in RBG's as pigs in mosques.

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    huehuehue prot pally in rbg?

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    I think I haven't seen even one prot paladin in RBG nor I know any good reason to have one. Hpala is usually one of the healers most comps want, so easy choice.

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    Of course you can run prot paladin to 1800. Is it optimal? No. Will you get in many groups? No. For the simple reason that most people like to repeat what others say. But if you would ask the majority why exactly prot paladins are not 'good', they either have no answer or their answer dates back from patches if not expansions ago. It's the same with arcane mages in arena. They are supposed to be terrible, until you see one of the top dudes play it and you are blown away.

    A good prot can be - on certain maps and vs certain comps - a huge pain in the ass to deal with. They definitely have the tools for it. Are other tanks better? Most are, but that doesn't mean that you can't get to 1800 without many problems (with the ability to go e.g. ret for certain other maps).

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    I've got 2k CR as Ret last season.
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    It's not even a choice. Prots aren't used in rbgs.

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    Holy will find you groups without a second look. You'll have to start your own group and be prepared to defend yourself if you tried to run Prot.
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    Like most things regarding team play in this game, you can do most anything up to a certain rating. Most teams up to 1500 don't care about anything other than do we have someone to run flags and three healers. If you are playing with people who are spamming something like "low MMR RBG need full griev 2k achievement" then they are never going to listen to anything other than what they think is the doctrine of accepted play.

    Sure, you could carry the flag as ret and node defend up to a certain rating because sub 1500 the thing that matters most is that you are not semi afk watching netflix and that you know a small amount of how the maps work. Past that, no you won't find groups as prot because people will want to run the most optimal thing they can in order to decrease the likelihood of a loss.

    If you think prot is fun and you know how to play, I will gladly play with you. If you are just trying to decide between the two before you gear and get started then just go holy. Most people will take you even if you are trash as long as you know how bop works and when to aura mastery.

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