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    Back after 2 years - gonna reroll paladin help?

    So I've pritty much always been a mage. Started to get sick of it and I quit WoW.
    Im back now after abit over 2 years break and Im starting a paladin.

    I am currently 76 with full BOA gear.

    What I seek advice on is:
    What spec should I level with from level 85? I plan to buy level 450 blues to level faster.

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    I would say ret is the fastest. I would 100% recomend buying the entry greens for tank/ret so you can get really fast queues when doing the dungeon quests. Ret was super easy to level (free flash of light). Other then that i have played ret (and now prot) at max and i really enjoyed both.

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    Please use existing topics to discuss this! There are plenty of threads/outlets which will answer your questions. Thanks!
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