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    You seem rather uninformed. The stat squish doesn't affect gameplay whatsoever. It's designed to be unnoticeable and is just a little service for us OCD people who don't like huge numbers flashing up on our screens. The level scaling (which you seem to obliquely mention) is not actually being implemented in WoD and even if it were it would be entirely optional. Assets are not being reused (or at least no more than they've been reused in every single expansion in this game's history.). Nothing frustrates me more than people claiming that just because Draenor = Outlands that it's all rehashed. 9 months without new content sucks and I really hope they get things together next time, but it's actually an improvement over Wrath and Cata. The only point where you're correct is the lack of new races or classes. I confess I'm a bit disappointed but it's perfectly justified. New character models, class balance, story focus, and low numbers for Monks and Pandaren are all good reasons why there is no new race or class.
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    How can you be against a stat squish?

    It's getting out of hand, next expansions we'd start seeing million numbers more often and it'd just be a mess. Stat squish is by far the best thing to happen this expansion.

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    first they are reusing NO assets. (unless you count characters)

    weve pretty much never seen draenor before. weve seen the super blowed up, radiated, husk of it.

    but thats like saying youve tasted a sandwich by taking a bite of charred crust.

    the item squish will also not effect your ability to solo old raids. it may hinder your ability to solo new raids, you may be stuck doing wrath raids still (or cata raids if you're good) but you should be able to solo everything you can now most likely.
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    nothing until WoD gets released, it's always been like that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wixwix View Post
    How can you be against a stat squish?

    It's getting out of hand, next expansions we'd start seeing million numbers more often and it'd just be a mess. Stat squish is by far the best thing to happen this expansion.
    The game engine literally cannot handle the numbers if we don't have a stat squish. It's why Garrosh has to reset his health pool a number of times. It might be the best thing to happen to the game, but like it or not, it was a necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buildapanda View Post
    It was its own unique world that did not feel at all a part of Azeroth.
    Wow, no offence dude, or actually take offence if you want I don't care, but that statement... I've never ever read that sentence anywhere ever before in the context of describing what was good about MoP. My mind is blown that anyone would put that sentence in the context of what was good about MoP. I understand people have different opinions about everything, but what the fuck? Usually that sentence is within the context of what was BAD about MoP. If you go to some place on Azeroth, be it Kalimdor, Lordaeron, Khaz Modan, Stormwind or Northrend you want it to feel like fucking Azeroth - not fucking Kung-Fu Panda. (Sorry, I'm not really part of the Kung-Fu Panda crowd, I liked MoP). How the fuck is it good that a place on Azeroth doesn't feel like Azeroth? Nothing is more Warcraft than Azeroth, and we're trying to fucking play World of Warcraft. Not fucking Pokémon (sorry, I don't mind pet battles either, really).
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