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    yeah there was no russian servers back in BC lol nice spot, so its an obvious hacker/exploiter never trust russians seriously
    neither were know people played on euro realms and then transfer to russian,when they have opened
    that just person with lots of real money, even if was also a son of president of some oil trading company I would have done also this, instead some Buggatti car - buying lots of accounts and merge
    but I agree with this:
    Blame hacking when you suck.
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    The amount of people in this thread who have no idea what they are talking about is really impressive. O.o
    I can see what you see not - vision milky then eyes rot. When you turn, they will be gone - whispering their hidden song...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkedblade View Post
    Could have had multiple grind at the same time he did and transferred those characters to the same account
    what a multiboxer to level different classes and farm all the professions thats called a botter not a multiboxer if you notice most multiboxers are all the same class like 5 elemental shamans etc they are never mixed classes.

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    How is that possible is all I can say.

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