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    Want to perform better in Heroic Thock as Ele Shaman

    Our Guild is on heroic Thok at the moment. From what I see myself doing on WOL
    and what other ranked ele shaman are doing there TONS of room to improve.
    The most glaring thing I see is with our 6 min to 7 min wipes compared to their
    6 minute+ kills is they get off a 20+ more Lava Bursts, 25+ more Lightning Bolts,
    10+ more Fulminations, etc.

    I'm wondering perhaps it's the way I deal with Deafening Screech. Which I seem
    to get locked out of nearing the end of the phase as they are back to back to back , etc

    Primal Fire Ele build or Unleash Fury build? If Primal , when is best to drop FE ? Right away
    or when the Deafening Screeches start ?

    Is there anything that anyone can help out with if you're pulling great numbers in that fight?

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    my advice is to go for primal fire elemental and here are a few more advices.
    if u dont have weakauras addon get it and set an alarm for when any of the paladins in your group uses devotion aura during that time u can cast freely. Concidering that i am with mastery>haste>crit i can cast LB between the screeches especially if the meta gem has procced what u can do is use weakauras again and make another warning for the meta gem as soon as its up concentrate and cast lb in the gaps between the screeches. as far as the second phase goes when ppl are running away from the boss make sure u are in range of him all the time and hit him with spells unless ofc he is chasing after u at which point u must run! Use your stormlash totem at the beginning of the fight so u can use it later on again make sure that the second time u use it its during second phase when he starts chasing ppl since thats the best time for u to use it.Thats all i can think off from the top of my head. GL!

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    I use Unleashed Fury on this fight.

    Depending on your haste you might want to consider Ancestral Swiftness. When Def. Screech stacks get high (8+), you basically change your rotation to 1 cast between Screech followed by 1 instant spell, then cast again etc. Don't be afraid to refresh Flame Shock or Searing Totem early if you have no better instant to cast.

    Make /stopcasting macro for when you screw up and begin another cast when boss is doing Screech, you don't want to be locked out for 2 seconds.

    Stormlash Totem during kiting phase is good for you, but not for raid, so please don't do that. Melee can't effectively attack boss during this phase, so drop it when kiting phase ends.
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    I use PE for this fight. You do NOT need AS for the extra haste as you can fit 2s cast in between roars. The trick is to start casting right after the roar goes off and you can usually (for me) fit in an instant cast right at the end of the hard cast, then the roar should go off and you should be able to cast lb/lvb again.

    I cast PFE at the start of the fight and again on the third stack. I use PET for when the bats come (2nd stack) out and use AG/Asc at this time too.

    Mostly this fight is about mastering how to cast between the screeches. Do that and you'll be f
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    I'm going to follow this one too... on epeenbot I was like in the 41-47% and would like to know some extra things. I like the idea of PE

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    I used UF for this fight on prog.

    I agree completely with watching for the scream and casting immediately after it. The stop casting macro helps immensely too, bind it to a key you are extremely fast at hitting (I just wind sheared every time I wanted to stop casting).

    Keep in mind that the cast time and the scream can have a slight delay, if you start casting before the big animation of the scream you will still get locked out.

    The trick for performing well on this fight like any is to time your proc's and never stop casting.

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    I started off stuggling with this fight as well,
    But as i got some practice and advice from tickle, i improved,

    The best way to deal with this fight, is the same as normal
    Ele @ start, Ascendance at start with prepot,
    the timing for your own haste will dictate how you play it, but generally, it is just about judgement,

    The ABC's apply, always be casting, if your lucky, you'll get 1 maybe 2 casts between roars.

    And honestly, haste build does work slightly better, you can get around 42% haste with the build, which is nice, and not as detrimental as first thought.

    The majority of this fight, will depend on your PE.
    Using PE make sure you use both ele's, As you will struggle for damage otherwise,

    Normally i wouldn't dare advocate the glyph for Fire Ele, But using it will line it up better with the 2 sets of burns, 1 at start, and 1 after second gate release.

    But being honest, this fight is all about practice and precision of your own ability, knowing cast times, etc.

    Keep practicing, and goodluck, Not a fun Ele fight.

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