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    Elemental stat priority for LFR'er

    All the guides your read to be the best lava bursting shaman you can be is always written from the standpoint on having BiS gear. So now little old me who do not raid like many of you is wondering with only LFR gear in mind. Which way should I go, haste or mastery? Is a bigger cap between them which to choose when the ilvl is lower or is it the same preference around that ilvl too?

    Thanks in advance!

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    the guides are made for BiS because at lower gear levels who cares? min maxing is pointless because simply playing the game and getting upgrades is better than perfecting crap gear.

    if you don't have the legendary meta gem it's probably haste all the way, if you do just go for like haste = mastery roughly and that'll do, no reason to be stat perfect in LFR gear for a spec that has no real breakpoints or soft caps so just highest item level gear and avoiding crit is the key.

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    From what I understand at lower levels haste is better and when you get up there and get the gear, it's usually mastery. But that is why you sim yourself to make sure.

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    Haste is better at lower ilvls. Much better. After doing a challenge mode with all my mastery gear getting downscaled, all my casts felt painfully slow, and I was really missing my faster casts.

    I really can't recommend going full mastery until you get the legendary meta gem.

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    Yeah haste is the way to go. I've simmed tons of friends' alts that are lower geared and they ALL point to gemming 320 haste when possible, and reforging fully into haste.

    If you have your legendary meta, then haste is devalued and mastery starts to catch up, until then haste all the way!

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