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    Goblins can be monks and you cannot see their xmog fist weps. Spent days getting the Bladefist for nothing.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    I'll never get why they hide fist weapons for monks when they have the glyph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Houyi View Post
    monks are in general fine, WW could do with more utility but its pretty fun.

    Mist weaver is however a pile of pants. Sure it can be effective, but its really really badly designed. Little to no control over aoe healing, having to gear counterintuitively for a healer, limited by keeping up an random jump heal 100% of the time incase you need to aoe, then havign to pray its on the right people......
    Healing monks cannot be trusted to heal without a partner who can cover them. The RNG dependence of renewing mists travel and not being able to effectively heal without the renewing mists make mistweavers unreliable (which is a huge fault in a healer and is magnified as the number of healers in the group drops until you reach a small enough number of people that you can have ReM on everyone).

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    i don't honestly see a lot of monk hate tbh. . .personally i got to about lvl 15 and just didnt like the feel of the class. i think a large part is that you do have to level from 1 witch i don't mind at all but it seems most people hate leveling so starting completely over doesn't appeal to them.

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    Maybe because It's Pandaren stylish class.

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    Monks are fun but they're kind of like a novelty that came along with the expansion, much less so than death knights were in WotLK.

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    If I didn't have 9 years invested in my Paladin, I'd so change my main to my monk. I finally found a class that's fun to tank on since they fucked up DKs (miss Frost tanking), Warriors (heroic strike was much more fun as an 'on next swing' ability), and Paladins (Holy Power, fucking up shield stats, fucking up Holy Shield. BLERGH). What about druids? I hate playing druids. I have one stuck at 60-something because he's so fucking boring to play.

    Anyway, as to the topic specifically, I don't think I've ever seen anyone bitching about monks just because they're monks. People /still/ do that about Derp Death Knights and Huntards Hunters, but not so much about monks. Unless I'm the monk and I'm healing. But that's bitching about /me/ not monks in general.
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    I cannot send the monk class, and it's a shame because Mistweaver was a nice play style but I still cannot stand the class.

    -joke. Yes it is a continuance of the Pandabrewmaster from WC3. So far from the normal monk you find in RPGs is bothersome
    -similar. All the specs rely on tiger palm, jab and blackout kick. Why? The core rotation of all the specs have 3 abilities
    -brew. I really hate that they can't even keep the brewmaster joke with BREWMASTER. Why the hell are wind walker and mistweaver drinking too?
    -tied to panda. I still hate pandas in this game, and the way they made te monk is awful. It's not an unarmed fighter. It's an unarmedpandafighter. I don't want to play a panda I want to play a monk,why is everything tied to the pandas even when it's other races? Tied to celestials? Sure. But all of the crap is with pandas.

    It feels forced. The monk they did in Diablo? Good. This monk? Awful. It needs to be a monk, not a panda. For example, tiger palm should be a palm, not a panda palm. Break the connection to Panda with everything. Monks meditate, not drink and stagger.

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    I haven't personally seen them getting much of a rap (other than for being broken and OP), but if they are I'd imagine it's nothing more than standard FOTM complaints. New class = lots of rerolls = lots of terribads wherever you go.

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    The most recently added classes always get bad reps. Hunters were the last classes added in vanilla, DK's in wrath, monks now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanar View Post
    My mains a Spriest, and during this Expansion .. as an alt i have my dk who is also bis in pvp, recently i leveled my monk from 83 to 90 (had a break) and now hes 518 ilvl pvp and i got a awesome transmog with cool blades and like... dude WW is fun as hell!

    Previously I though Monks are boring.. I guess it's just something you have to just you know.. do, to actually like them.
    I have a level 90 monk with 528 ilvl. I am speaking purely from the perspective of facing a monk as a pvp opponent. They are annoying as an opponent cause of stuns and escapes, but hardly invincible. I can kite them all day long, to their death, on my balance druid. I think the people having trouble defeating them just suck ass, plain and simple.

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    I feel the same as Giscoicus. I love monks, and I play monks in every game that have it. I leveled my monk to 90 in 2 weeks, killed the Stone Guardians with my guild in 442ilvl (I was one of the tanks lol), and make him my main for entire expansion. Brewmaster is an excellent spec to play, very fun and enjoyable. But you know, WoW monks arent the same as "original" monks. The D3 monk is a good example of a real "monk", they have the "feeling" of the class... but wow monks, it's kinda meh, more of a joke class... And just because of it i'll level my warrior first in WoD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cafua View Post
    So I made a monk as soon as MoP hit and leveled him to 90 in a few weeks. He instantly took place as my main over my Druid and I haven't looked back since. I love the new class and I feel they are an amazing addition to WoW. Also I know you guys out there who have monks as their main love them. I could be completely wrong but seems like a lot of people who don't play monk or haven't played one seriously always rag on them and say they aren't as viable as other classes and just aren't fun.....why is that? Also feel free to explain your monk story and how you either came to love or hate them and your reason why.
    I wanted a new healing class moving from priest to monk but i really hated how they made monk healing, Though I do like my monk as tank, I´ve never even specced him as ww even once.

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    I love monks. I'd say it's the best overall class. I've learned one of each spec to a certain extent and high end game as WW.

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    I love my monk, I regret not lvling one sooner, hit 90 like 3-4 weeks ago.
    Atm it looks like I will change it to my main in WoD and my time online without my 9 hours fo raiding is dedicated to pimp up the monk with gear, transmog and older reputations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caelius View Post
    OT: Well, I don't really think that they have a bad reputation. It's just that a lot of people don't have one and therefore don't really know the mechanics.
    This, really. I absolutely hate being attacked by monks in PvP since, not having played one*, I have almost zero idea what to expect. This leads to a feeling that they have infinite counters to all of my abilities, which they obviously don't, but the feeling persists because they keep surprising me.

    * Weaponless melee doesn't really appeal to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Giscoicus View Post
    tied to panda.
    This too. More variation from a story perspective might have been nice (thinking of human -Scarlet Crusade - or even troll monks). Maybe in a future expansion, like they did with tauren paladins.
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