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    Removed Spells

    What spells and or talents in WOW have been removed and should they be brought back to the game. Which spells would you like to see brought back into the game.

    eg amplify curse , siphon life Mana Drain - for warlock
    blackout - spriest
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    eyes of the beast
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    Hungering Cold instant cast. Because DKs need PoM ring 2.0 for... reasons

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    Eyes of the beast, i loved this

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    I'd love to get sense demons back. no idea why it went away. it was a minimap thing, no one had it on their bars
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    Eyes of the beast

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    Wand Specialization!

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    Thorns...the rogue murdering edition.

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    Divine Intervention, the ultimate sacrifice to protect one fitted paladins so nicely.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kojo View Post
    Thorns...the rogue murdering edition.
    Add old pala Eye for an Eye for true carnage.

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    Windfury totem.
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    Divine Intervention. There's not a week that goes by where I don't bring it up/complain about it being removed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jengals View Post
    Hungering Cold instant cast. Because DKs need PoM ring 2.0 for... reasons
    This so much! and Seal of Blood

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    Hunters Lacerate, a 127 dmg over 21 seconds dot as the survival final talent.
    Give it back!

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    Searing pain
    Because warlocks -need- more fodder for tank arguements
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    Hungering Cold
    Wandering plague
    Mark of Blood
    Shadow of Death^^

    Damn i miss the old DK talents..

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    insect swarm... nice looking dot.

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    summon doomguard where it kills a random person
    and sense demons

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    Unbreakable Armor, the old style where it ignored attacks lower than "x". It was fantastic!

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    Eye of the Beast (Hunter Spell).
    Sense Undead (Paladin Spell).
    Sense Demons (Warlock Spell).

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