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    Boomkin- hc garrosh- dps in transistion phases.

    hey fellow moonkins,

    we are currently progressing on hc garrosh 10 man and we are constantly getting to the first transistion phase, however it is rare that we get him under 25energy. Looking at the damage breakdown, we have hunters at 6-7mil, lock similar, tanks and melee around 4-5mil damage and me around 2,5-3mil. They are constantly talking about dps needing to pool ahead etc, atm I just have no clue what I can do more to get extra dps out.

    Currently Im doing:

    - making sure starfall is up
    -making sure I just hit eclipse before we get pulled up (so I have ng, currently doing solar eclipse so i can get quick wraths out, as starfires are such long cast)
    - ofc Im interupting and roaring etc.
    - dot spamming when running to next pack.

    Are there blatant things Im missing here? Or fine tuning tips, so I can up the dps in that phase a little?

    I would love some constructive comments please, not the omg u such bad boomie as we see a lot of late.

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    You'll want to enter the transition 1 cast away from Lunar with a SS proc saved and have a starfall off CD. When you enter use Starfall then starsurge your add and cast DoTs on all 3 using starsurge procs ASAP and refresh your starfall when it expires. You should easily be able to do 7m+ that way.

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    Save CA, do 8-10M consistently. How exactly you do it will depent on the rest of your raid and what you are assigned to, but here's what I do.I do first pack on the left with a SP.

    - Starfall first thing when I enter.
    - CA and dot all 3 adds in the group, starting with the closest.
    - Bash the closest add, SB another at the same time (or in the same gcd atleast). Meanwhile the SP silences the third.
    - use any SS procs, then hardcast SF, prioritize the bashed add (since SB lasts longer). Starfall when first one expires.
    - when all adds are low (sub 25%) I roar and run to the next pack on the left, dot all 3 just before CA runs out. SS procs/wrath rest of the time (back groups die so fast I usually can't get a hard cast off). The SP stays behind to finish off the adds in our first pack if needed.

    Again, you shouldn't copy exactly what I do, but CA, dot an add group, SS procs, and starfall is the key.

    I used treants and HotW in early progress (since INC w/o CA is kinda meh, and 2 first INC will be w/o CA), but switched to INC/NV once we got to p3 (for more burst, even though my dmg would be slightly less in the earlier phases).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glurp View Post
    You'll want to enter the transition 1 cast away from Lunar with a SS proc saved and have a starfall off CD.
    That is what you should do.

    I also dot one add in the other 2 packs (Mostly just to proc my cloak on the different packs).

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    Thanks so far. Would love to see some more input

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gebuz View Post
    You save CA just for the first intermission phase? I fell like that would be waste unless you are really really struggling to get those adds down before 25 energy. Like whats already been said the best thing to do is just dot everything on the run to your group your assigned to if your one cast away from lunar that would be the perfect situation. Don't worry I only do 5-7mil on a good night on those adds Locks and combat rogues OP

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    we did struggle when we were first progressing, we lacked aoe interrupts. 1 monk, 1 lock and 1 hunter was all we had, which meant 2 groups needed single target interrupts (before we realized binding shot could be used to stun them it was 3). Even now, if I'm unlucky with SS procs, crits, or trinket procs we have a cast go through on our first pack. Anyway, I like to change my cd usage and talents depending on what phase I am currently progressing on, and CA was never really needed in phase 1. When we got to phase 2 dps req. to reach p3 in time was never a problem either, so wasn't much reason to use CA with INC in p1/p2 (other than personal dps gain).

    EDIT: I think 10 vs. 25 man have a big impact on how you do it
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    i save my 3m CDs and constantly do between 11-13m damage in the first transition. we started this when struggling with the 25 energy on garrosh and now it's just "never change a running system" and always pretty fun
    also, my raid sometimes has problems with stuns in the 1st transition because of our setup and how we CC the 2nd wave of warbringers in p1.
    using CDs in the 1st transition means they are ready shortly before the 2nd transition and again for the burst dps in p3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gebuz View Post
    EDIT: I think 10 vs. 25 man have a big impact on how you do it
    Yeah that would probably do it lol. For me I used CA on pull then after first temple phase and then save it for the lust and burn phase to get to the 4th phase. Was also using FoN for our kill for more boss DMG.

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    Which group are you focusing on mainly? Are you assigned to one of the back two groups?

    Ideally, you should land, Starfall, SS, then dot a set on the right or left, and as you run towards the back, a set in the middle, then dot up a set in the back left or right. Only use your buffed dot, do not do moonfire if you're in solar.

    I have not done 10m, however on heroic 25m, I would often do 10mil dmg. It is not super critical that you are 1 away from eclipse, just be sure you are eclipsed. Don't castrate your damage in phase 1 to be 1 away from eclipse.

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    In 10man, the adds wont stay up longer then 4-5sec on the left and right in 10man. So I was assigned to the middle pack with our warrior. Did the one cast away from lunar, bank a SS. Did about 5,5mil on average, sometimes bit higher, sometimes bit lower. Luckily we made a few transitions with about 22 corruption, so it was much better. Still trying to improve a bit.

    Thanks for the input.

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