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    Quote Originally Posted by Ettan View Post
    1-Old talent trees, in my opinion they where simply better with more options than we have today.

    2-Darker theme, where you actually fight for conquest; to kill and enslave.
    Profit from war, not fight to protect/save.

    3-Long leveling grind with a big ammount of zones 40+ would fit draenor, (8 zones is an island not a world/contient).

    4-Increased leveling difficuluty, boost the damage of mobs in the 1- 85 range by 800% & their health by 400%.
    Bring back group & elite quests for leveling.

    5-Return of the vanila style lengendarys, a sub 0.02% ultra rare drop *mythic only* not just a quest everyone will be expected to have/grind for.
    I second these 5.

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    I want:

    - A tinker class.
    - Playable ethereals.
    - To see Ny'alotha.
    - To see Undermine.

    In roughly that order. It's less than five items because I have less than five wants.

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    1. The Questing to Level Cap to be Well Done, Fun, High Replayability
    2. Challenging Raid Content
    3. Challenging 5man Content
    4. Balanced PvP
    5. For blizzard to stop catering to the lowest common denominator.
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    So, as a voice of someone who isn't obsessed with "everything must be difficult!", let's compile a reasonable list.

    1. More quests where you are trained and bonded to an npc and get to be in large-scale battles wherein you play a roll larger than using your rotation. (Pandaria did an amazing job of this at the end of Valley. "Nothing is too hard!")

    2. Cooking, Jewelcrafting and Enchanting getting additional, better recipes in the last tier.

    3. A version of the "Alterac Valley" zone but player versus NPC. Essentially fighting through a battlefield to reach the harder enemies and earn better drops that rival "new normal mode" for that tier with a weekly "new hard mode" chest that requires a group of at least five, with a healer, to take down but is visible to everyone around, has faction tag, but the tag is dropped if you aren't attacking or assisting within 30 seconds.

    4. Class lore quests. Just a single one per class but at least something. Would be nice to unlock a title with it after doing a scaled trial. ("of the Elements", "the Spirit Fist", "Deathbringer", "the Weaponmaster", etc)

    5. At least one more class that has a spec using bows and another using daggers.
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    1. Updates to the starting questlines/zones for each race. Not necessarily major overhauls to the extent that Cataclysm did, but changes to make those questlines fit in more with the game's current storyline would be nice.

    2. New continents to explore.
    3. Plenty of new dungeons for the new zones.
    4. Plenty of new lore. Particularly, lore that focuses more on races besides Humans and Orcs would be nice.

    5. Something to happen with these neglected zones and storylines. Particularly Stromgarde, Gilneas, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomthulsa View Post

    1) The devs have said player housing doesn't fit into the Warcraft theme. You're supposed to be out killing monsters and alliance/horde, not be some interior decorator from the Bravo TV channel.

    2) People often say they want more hard content, but when Blizzard actually delivers the same people complain about it or just skip it.

    3) No, dailies suck. I just prefer traditional yellow ! quests.

    4) Fair enough.

    5) Blizzard said they are time and resource intensive so don't hold your breath anytime soon.
    The title of this thread is "Top 5 things you want in a expansion", not "Top 5 things you want based off what Blizzard has said they were willing to do." Hence, I want player housing and class quests.
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    1.) make dps have more involvement in raids beside don't stand in shit or stand in this nice shit over hear. Perhaps if everyone was actively involved tank abuse might decline (a fools hope I know.)

    2.)more interaction with racial leaders besides green jesus and valerion

    3.) make holy pali's more playable they are near impossible to use right now

    4.)time based healing spec for mages

    5.)garrison to garrison pvp

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    The stones to change the world (regularly) and shift playerbases out of their comfort zones (especially after their faction lost a war and had their capital city invaded). Losing cities and zones should be something that the whole playerbase experiences, not half the playerbase.

    Completely new story lines. Azeroth having threats which for 10000 years didn't rear their ugly heads then all of a sudden tried to three-stooge their way through the doorway of opportunity seems a little ridiculous.

    Dynamic factions. No one stays allies forever. After the shit the rest of the Horde went through at the hands of the Orcs they should all be turned against them. Alliance races seeking to bolster regional power can throw off the yoke of pointless Alliances as well. This is territory the devs dare not tread due to faction loyalties they've built the game around, sadly.

    Utilization of phasing to tell the story as it happens. If it means less world pvp opportunities for the gankers who will be phased out of low-level player access due to the story progressing at higher levels, so be it. Appeasing these people should never be a consideration.

    The stones to kill off older heroes and bring new ones in. It doesn't have to be inglorious or combat related. People get old, can pass on, others could sacrifice themselves in battle. Hell have someone die falling off their horse during a hunt. This stuff killed off real world leaders, even beloved ones, all the time. Ultimately our characters are citizens, just as new leaders are elected in our real world societies, and we get used to their presence, for better or worse, so too can we get used to it in WoW. The Horde has gone through this more than the Alliance.

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    - Sexy women.
    - Drugs.
    - Big butts.
    - Fast mounts.
    - Drugged sexy women with big butts riding fast mounts.

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    1. A community with people who know how to let go of the past and realizes that if they're not happy no one is forcing them to pay their sub. Remember kids, the "wallet vote" is the only vote that counts.
    2. Distinct PvP and PvE talent "loadouts" and abilities.
    3. 2 raid difficulties: normal and heroic, with the benefit of flex's scaling tech.
    4. Individual class scenarios like the warlock green fire quest for each class.
    5. World events reminiscent (but improved) of Rift's to bring the world a little more life.

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    1. Proper graphics
    2. Proper graphics
    3. Proper graphics
    4. Proper graphics
    5. Proper graphics

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    -Pandaria relocated to the Maelstrom (and thus destroyed)
    -Dragon Soul was just a bad dream.
    -Players who talk about how awesome they were tea bagging boss corpses in sunwell but can't step out of a void zone or maintain more than 5% of their peak dps when they are forced to move during an encounter now appear 90% smaller.
    -Firelands was also just a bad dream.
    -The Dark Below.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gheld View Post
    -Players who talk about how awesome they were tea bagging boss corpses in sunwell but can't step out of a void zone or maintain more than 5% of their peak dps when they are forced to move during an encounter now appear 90% smaller.
    Someone give this man a medal. Oh god still laughing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemah View Post
    Someone give this man a medal. Oh god still laughing.
    It's true. I started raid leading and assistant raid leading late in wotlk... Back when the game was "omg too easy".

    The people who complained about it being too easy were 2k dps ret paladins who wiped the raid constantly by aggroing blood beasts into melee with consecration on DBS that you only brought along for their holy spec beacon heals on valithria.

    Yeah. It's a pretty easy game from the perspective of the scrub that's getting carried.

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    1. Faster questing (not necessarily faster leveling)
    2. ALL mounts/titles account wide
    3. New race for both factions
    4. New class (Tinker would be cool, no Demon Hunter)
    5. All raid drop mounts can be bought with some new (or old) form of currency.

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    1 - Tons of new monsters. I need plenty of new creatures to fight, everything from humanoid races to beasts to elementals to undead. Preferably never-before-seen, but there's a few warcraft creatures that have yet to be represented in game that I wouldn't mind seeing.

    2 - Story-heavy quest flow. I don't care much for quests that are tangents or sidelines to the story in a zone. Vashj'ir has probably the best questflow of any zone yet, and it guides the player through the zone's storyline almost flawlessly.

    3 - Lots of dungeons as zone capstones. Ideally a zone's storyline will culminate in some kind of event that will deposit players in front of a dungeon, which they then venture inside of to clear out the final enemy. Vashj'ir was another good example of this. I like dungeons to act as capstones to a zone, rather than just sitting there.

    4 - Atmosphere-heavy instances. Blackrock Depths is the reigning king of this one, but I also like Karazhan as an example of a place that was built as a realistic location first and a raid-zone second. I like it when a dungeon or raid is more than a set of hallways. Ulduar is guilty of that, but the storyline and creeping horror vibe help to offset that.

    5 - Fantastic end-boss fights. The final boss of a raid has to be a cut above everything you've come across so far. Blizzard generally pulls these off really well, and I certainly don't want them to stop. Deathwing was pretty weak, but Lich King, Ragnaros, Empress Shek'zeer, Thunder King, and Garrosh are all phenomenal. Especially when you include heroic-mode only phases for a little bit extra.

    Style and story, pump them both up.

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    1. Triple Spec. Hate respeccing from tank to dps or dps to healer. It's frustrating.
    2. New Class: Demon hunter. It's something that is wanted for years now and I think it's time to finaly put it in the game.
    3. 4th Talent tree. I'd like to see warlocks tank
    4. Faster lvling, after having some 90's it gets pretty boring if u gotta do the same shit over and over. Even if it goes faster now with heirlooms and guildperks it's still a pain in the ass if you're lvling a rogue with an eternal que for dungeons.
    5. A legendary quest to create your own title with is account bound, and a ring wich can teleport you too cities.

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    1. Dynamic events. Random world events just taking place at random times like in Guild Wars 2 for bonus XP.
    2. Tagged credit no matter what, like guild wars 2. Being able to help a dude out and still get credit, without being in their party.
    3. More dungeons, or a way to scale if you want to do lower level dungeons at max level via dungeon finder, and still be able to solo it if you go there in the open world and stay at max level.

    I really don't want anything other than those 3. Cause I don't have time nor the need to care about what happens in the rest of the game. I had my raiding times, they were good, and I've moved on. I'm glad I'm not raiding, can just log on, do a few dungeons on my 90, 80 twink, or a leveling toon and just have fun for a couple of hours.

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    1. New class: Demon Hunter
    2. PVP: Nerf healing by 80% on the PvP, no more immortal because of healer, healing should prolong one's life but not make one immortal. More fighting, less "haha I can heal, our tank is immortal flag carrier".
    3. Buring Legion!
    4. More Arthas and Illidan! Pararell universes = huge chance to play with them <3 I don't care about +70% of current heroes and more/less important story characters.
    5. Faster leveling. Well, actually instant 90lvl is the biggest life saver and I am gonna use it, because long leveling = booring and you wont reach max lvl if you are not a hardcore player. Blizzard knows that and they've created instant 90 simply because they see that returing players can't be bothered with leveling from 1 to max level

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    More dungeons, fewer scenarios.

    Dungeons giving superior rewards to LFR, bringing 5-mans back into actual end-game content, as opposed to something you'll be forced to do a few times until you have the iLvl for LFR.

    Talent TREES, not talent seedlings. It's not that hard to come up with meaningful talents - and who cares if most people choose similar builds? How is that a negative? People will ALWAYS choose the best options, just with the current talent "trees" - they simply provide less customization, and are supremely tediously boring whilst leveling. Holy shit guys, I just leveled another 15 levels, and I unlocked at talent that I will almost NEVER USE IN THE ENTIRE GAME. HOORAY. 15 MORE LEVELS, HERE I COME.

    More interesting, random, exploration rewards than just.. I clicked this shiny object and now I can sell it to a vendor for 100g. Fuck yeah, Seaking!

    Dynamic events - hearing a clarion call across the zone saying, 'Get your ass over here! Something exciting is happening!" And, for the record, exciting is not killing Galleon for the 15th time in the hope that Lesser Bracers of Inferior Awesomeness may drop.

    Beautifully crafted zones.

    Less linear questing experience. There's nothing I fucking hate more than the tired, insipidly boring, "Take 1 quest. Do it. Take 2 quests. Do it. Take 1 quest. Do it. K, you leveled. Repeat until 100." I ENJOY exploring ahead! Why the fuck would future quest areas be phased or completely ignore me, just because I haven't killed a few boars for an ENTIRELY UNRELATED QUEST GIVER IN ANOTHER AREA. It makes no sense, and annihilates immersion.

    Less class homogenization. I dunno how they can do this anymore, with the path they've chosen, but what happened to the support classes? What happened to classes sacrificing some of their all-important DPS to increase others'? Is it somehow sacrilege to do less DPS than a different class in exchange for overall superior raid DPS? You don't HAVE to play support roles if you MUST be top DPS at all times! Why are almost every classes' rotations almost exactly the same apart from spell names nowadays? Apply dots. Use CDs nukes. Use filler nukes. Stack DPS cds when at all possible. The end. YAWN. When I was a boy, almost every spec/class played uniquely. Sure, some specs were useless, but that can always be worked on.

    Less spammable instant CC/snares in PvP. Most other gaming companies have worked out that being constantly slowed, interrupted, stunned, feared, dazed, rooted, locked out, sheeped, mesmerized etc until you can get them in a position where you can 100-0 one of their teammates in a few GCDs doesn't actually make for particularly enjoyable gameplay - why can't you, Blizzard? Why does every single class need roughly the same toolset? Why does everyone need many gap closers, many CCs, many snares, many stuns etc? I'm glad you're trying to tone this down, but I think your obsession with perfect class equality will severely neuter your efforts to do so.

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