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    4th specs - need....ranged...pally!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Role Unknown View Post
    4th specs - need....ranged...pally!
    a ranged pally seems so, wrong. fundamentally.
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    Eh I guess I have a 4th. Wouldn't mind cross-hair target being added. Don't really need to add in the whole "gotta aim your spells to hit" but just having an alternative to tab-targeting can be fun and challenging at the same time, and with that, I'd like more spells to be able to be casted while moving. Granted this would fuck PvP up to a whole new level but, shit, hate rooted casting.

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    Better lore and storywriting. MoP went full retard on this.

    Proper theme, zones, and scenery that fits Warcraft. I didn't like Pandaland and hated the art, zones, etc. I'm looking forward as to how WoD will look.

    Dungeons. Hard dungeons. And loads of them. TBC had 15. WoD will have 5 + 2 re-skins. This is pathetic.

    Updated world events.

    Bring back old talent trees.
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    For me:
    1; Real talent trees back
    2: Stop break what is not broke (stats, talents, ect....)
    3: Classes to feel more unique (example how buffs use to be libram totems quivers ammo totems....)
    4: If it can be bought on the store i want to be able to farm it in game

    ​5: Real content back mainly real Heroic 5mans

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    1) More Achievements. I really liked the Ulduar Style.
    2) Mounts from Dungeons. Somehow I love to farm dungeon mounts.

    Thats it actually. I pretty much like WoW the way it is atm.

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    Just 1 change I would really love to see:

    make difficulties share lockouts, i.e. choose whether you do LFR (completely casual), Flex (casual but still want some challenge) or Heroic. In the current incarnation I always feel like I'm missing out, especially when first gearing, and I just dont have time/ can't stand doing the same thing in different difficulties each week.

    other than that, I'm also not happy with the current talent system and find it lame that you're supposed to respec for each fight.

    also, valley of the four winds. I trust shit like that will never happen again, cause it just cant get any worse imo. Killing vermin and picking carrots and stomping bugs, rofl. After stopping the Legion, Illidan, and Arthas.. you see my point.

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    - Housing
    - Crafting like Vanguard: saga of heroes
    - 2 Skill sets completely separated from each other, one for pvp one for pve (no more nerfs cause of pvp)
    - More transmogrification sets.
    - Legendary Transmog.

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    All these people talking about old talent trees like they were interesting. Are you fucking kidding me?

    Anyway. On topic:

    1. A Titan-based xpac
    2. A mechanical class that tanks, dpses, and fills a buff/debuff role using guns, mail, mechs, robots and other Titan tech.
    3. Actual player housing in zones less one-times than Draenor (i.e. anywhere)
    4. Naga and Ethereals as player races
    5. More class/race combos, and especially more Pallys for the Alliance.(Night Elves that find out Elune is a Naaru and are totally OK with championing it, and Worgen in general anyone?)

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    1. Many different mounts where at least 90% are from quests, metas, factions and 100% heroic boss drops (I always get these one way or another) and NOT f-ing rare drops that someone running the raid for the first time can win just to quit the next week whilst EXTREMELY motivated and loyal customers such as myself don't get lucky ever until the raid is soloable 2 expansions later...

    New classes, races or whatever doesn't interest me more than what we get in WOD with the new models. And as for the rest, they did so well with MoP that I don't expect any less from them in WoD.

    But for everyone saying they want the old talents back because "they offered more options":..really, are you trying to come across as ignorant? Talents have NEVER been more utilized than now...people always need the tomes to clear and change talents depending on encounters/what they're doing. Same with glyphs. I can't help but /facepalm whenever someone hails the old talent system as better/more skillful. Talk about nostalgia making people stupid.
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    Engaging five man holy-trinity content with more released throughout the expansion. That is about all I need.

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    Or maybe people CBA respeccing for each specific fight, which the current talent system is designed like? Or you can just play with the same spec all the time (as I do), but then you won't be "optimal" on any given fight. I'd rather have a spec I'm happy with and not have to care about switching every 5 min.

    Plus there are and always will be best choices in nearly every talent tier. It's just that now they arent general best choices, but fight-specific best choices.

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    Started during 5.3, so I wouldn't know about how things were from Vanilla to Cata. But what I could say is the following:

    1- Race specific garrisons (hopefully after 6.0)
    2- Culture protectionism.
    I would like to see gear fitting to the race and not the theme. maybe a mix between theme and race characteristics. I don't like the idea of a NE druid looking like a ninja.
    I would also like to see specific classes fitting to specific races. Druid trolls or worgen is just wrong. Cow paladins is even worse. Even though they managed to fit them in lorewise, it still feels like a cheap shot.
    I would also like to see weapons customized to races as well: Glaves for night elf warriors - or maybe a totem for a tauren warrior like what you see in the classic cinematic

    3-Race major cities revamped and more relevant to their races making them more alive

    4- Redemption of Illidan

    5- Tougher 5 man heroics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    But for everyone saying they want the old talents back because "they offered more options":..really, are you trying to come across as ignorant? Talents have NEVER been more utilized than now...people always need the tomes to clear and change talents depending on encounters/what they're doing. Same with glyphs. I can't help but /facepalm whenever someone hails the old talent system as better/more skillful. Talk about nostalgia making people stupid.
    honestly, i wouldn't want the exact talent system we had - I'd want an updated version of it, I'd still want the tomes for easy talent swapping and the talent UI that allows for easy switching.

    I'd want zero damage modifiers as talents, so no options for "this ability does 1/2/3/4/5% more damage" type talents. that should be balanced at a base level, which it kinda already is these days.

    I'd want things like ability upgrades - X ability can be upgraded to have either a cleave component, a self heal for X% of the damage, or damage is reduced by x% but also stuns for X seconds. spend X talent points on upgrading Y ability to unlock Z ability.

    you could also then separate out pvp based talents Vs PvE talents

    sure there would still be cookie cutter builds for endgame raiding, but you would at least be able to have things like an AoE build, single target build, solo'ing build, grinding build etc etc - you could even bring back options for shaman tanking and shockadin type builds.

    i want to be able to customise my characters abilities a bit more than i currently do, not only is the current levelling process with the new talent system incredibly boring, the choice between talents in a tree at the moment is mostly passive, active with a short cooldown or active with a long cooldown.

    the current 3 choices per tier is ok, but there's something too damn simple about it that i just don't like. i can see the merits of the new system, but the choices are incredibly limited for anyone who wishes to think outside the box. yea, i used cookie cutter builds for raiding and tbh, i still do! but i would like the option to specialise for when i'm trying to solo cata raids, or when i'm in shit gear on the timeless isle or whatever.
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    1. A form of max-level progression (Path of the titans or w/e you want to call it)
    2. New secondary professions (with an archaeology overhaul)
    3. Better crafting, with long profession quest lines providing access to raid-level items (think Wrathion quest lines but without raids in 'em)
    4. Give me back my libram And make it appear on the belt.
    5. And get me a new model please, BEs need to be even moar sexay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by datcoopguy View Post
    Hey guys I am working on a Youtube channel (do not worry, I am not selling out). For my video I want to get people's opinion what are 5 features you want in a expansion.(go as crazy or vague as you want)

    For me its:

    -New race
    ex: Furbogs,mantid,etherals

    -New Class
    ex: Runemaster, demon hunter, necromancer

    -Long time to max level
    ex: take longer then a week to get to the level cap

    -Class quests
    ex:Shammy, paly , and dk class quests please

    -New Lore and story arcs
    Great questing

    Great Raids

    Plenty of dungeons

    Good lore

    Something to when you are bored (hopefully that will be garrisons)
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    1. Seperation of PvP and PvE
    2. Classes feeling like they did in the begining of WotLK (before that "Bring the player not the class" bs came)
    3. More RP stuff (I miss stuff like having to lvl weapon skill and having to buy arrows and generaly taking care of my character)
    4. LFD only for normal dungeons and not for heroics, worldwide LFD chat channel.

    5. BPD (Blizzard Police Department). I wish blizzard would make a team (not 4 or 5 people, but 50+, so there is a posibility that in every LFR group is one
    "watcher" present) that would monitor behavior in LFR and issue warnings and bans on the fly.

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    'Mythic' dungeons that drop normal raid quality gear. These dungeons will be on a weekly lockout and actually require you to know your class. You will have to use CC and tactics just for trash.

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    I'm going to do this in a slightly different format. Mostly just the 5 things from each category I feel I would want in future expansions.

    Races: Ogre, Arrakoa, Ethereal, Furbolg, Drakonid
    All would be neutral, with the exception of Ogre and Furbolg, respectively being Horde/Alliance.

    Classes: Bard, Demon Hunter, Exemplar, Titanborn, Tinkerer
    Bar: Buff-based support class
    Demon Hunter: Obvious what it would be
    Exemplar: Sort of a combination of Shaman/Hunter, a ranged class that uses Horns/Totems to buff, dispel, and CC.
    Titanborn: This is one a read about quite a while back and it was pretty interesting It consisted of using Titan based pre-curse of flesh abilities, such as Re-originating, reconstructing the body to heal them, a ranged based tank (would be neat), and ranged summoning DPS (summoning clones, and teleports and such).
    Tinkerer: We've all been over this.

    Class Overhauls: Some of the classes need drastic overhauls, looking at you Rogue. Some classes are clearly distinct from their other specs, Mage, Druid, Warlock, Shaman. While others don't feel any different at all, Rogue, Hunter, Warrior. I personally believe every class needs it's own special resource like Warlocks, Paladins, Monks, DKs, and Balance Druids, and work around those specific resources. They also each need their own Green Fire Quest. Warriors for instance could get something involving Pole-arms, or Monks to get Red Healing Spells, which was Blizzard's first attempt at Mistweaving Coloring anyways, since Chi-Ji is the healing Celestial.

    Race Overhauls: Already in the process of getting the new models, now hopefully we get sliders and sub-races one of these days, at least Blizzard has acknowledged sub-races.

    PvP/BGs/Arena: Now here is a very touchy subject, but I'll put in what I can. Let's start with Battlegrounds.
    BGs: Put in Azshara Blizzard, you've had it sitting there for ages and stop using the excuse that, it just wouldn't work. It's there, it would work, put it in. With that said, where is out straight Team Deathmatch Battleground already, and our 'Real City Warfare Battle of Gilneas'?
    Arena: Just put in more arenas without pillar humping/LoS, pillar humping/LoS requires no skill.
    PvP: As long as they continue to fix the issues with CC, I'm fine with PvP, which they are addressing for WoD.

    Lore: I'll discuss it below, going in order of how I'd like them to appear after WoD.
    Ny'Alotha: Towards the end of Warlords, the Orcs instead become corrupted by N'Zoth as they cross in Azeroth, as opposed to Mannoroth. Prompting us to eventually journey into the Black Forest to try and hunt down the remaining Old Gods.
    The Burning Legion: In the wake of the Old Gods deaths, another cataclysm is triggered, prompting another world revamp. Using this opportunity the Burning Legion pours out from the Dark Portal at the Caverns of Time and begins assaulting Azeroth.
    The Lich Queen: With the Burning Legion pushed back for now, things are stirring up in Lordaeron, as Sylvanas has completed Frostmourne and begins our crusade across the rest of the Plaguelands and further south in Wetlands. Prompting Bolvar to finally take action with the Scourge, Tirion and Mograine to ally to repel Sylvanas back. Ends with a redemption story, because Sylvanas is too developed to just kill off.
    The Sundering: We 'time-travel' to an alternate past of Azeroth to the Pre-Sundering to try and fix the mistakes of the past on Azeroth, effectively being the cause of the Emerald Dream (a raid) in this time-line as well, as Old Gods exist in all time-lines.
    Argus: Fall of Sargeras: The Burning Legion is in shambles, but rebuilding quickly. It's time to take the fight to them, as now they have allied themselves with what Old Gods they have mustered from the regions of the Twisting Nether. A LOT of Draenor lore would come here, especially between Velen/KJ.

    WoW 2 whenever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ettan View Post
    1-Old talent trees, in my opinion they where simply better with more options than we have today.

    2-Darker theme, where you actually fight for conquest; to kill and enslave.
    Profit from war, not fight to protect/save.

    3-Long leveling grind with a big ammount of zones 40+ would fit draenor, (8 zones is an island not a world/contient).

    4-Increased leveling difficuluty, boost the damage of mobs in the 1- 85 range by 800% & their health by 400%.
    Bring back group & elite quests for leveling.

    5-Return of the vanila style lengendarys, a sub 0.02% ultra rare drop *mythic only* not just a quest everyone will be expected to have/grind for.
    Mostly this except for 5. I prefer a quest chain to earn a legendary rather than getting lucky with drops.
    Something like the cata one where you had to beat a hard boss in nexus.
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