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    Quote Originally Posted by arcaneshot View Post
    Considering you still can't buy it from the Blizzard store, I doubt that.
    I don't, if they paid any money for that they should be feeling pretty silly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shnider View Post
    the problem is not in the game, the problem is within you. Your standards are too high.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    LFR-players of today are capable of going to Classic and beat the final raids
    Complete delusion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuppetShowJustice View Post
    I like the banner showing the windrider cub plush and then you go there and its out of stock.
    IKR?! Been waiting about a year for them to come back in stock. Apparently, there was some stock 3 to 6 months ago for 2 days, then they sold out again

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    Quote Originally Posted by balir View Post
    1) Removing the stun from Charge now makes it damn near useless in a raid if an add needs to be stunned (i.e. Dragonmaw Bonecrushers on Galakras if they are hitting someone with Fracture)
    No it wouldn't. God I can't help but think warrior players are completely spoiled.
    You still have Pummel and Disrupting Shout, and even Shock Wave. Plenty of options if your role/goal is to stun/interrupt spell casting in a raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gangplank View Post
    While I can understand your desire for more features, wouldn't you say it's a bit "real life" that humans naturally have distinctive facial features, and pandas generally all look the same? What I mean to say is that when you go to the zoo and you see pandas, the average human probably couldn't tell apart one from the other. What kind of features would you want to see a panda have that wouldn't too-far remove them from their real-life adaptations?

    The problem, specifically, is that pandas aren't on the same classification level as humans. Pandas are a sub-type of bears. If WoW had introduced "bears" as the race and then allowed you to customize your bear to look like a panda or a black bear -- similar to how you choose human as your race and then can choose to customize skin color, facial features, hair, etc -- maybe then we'd have more available options to customize your "bear". Unfortunately though, because we're limited to "panda only" features, they are mostly going to look the same.
    It's also a problem of what counts as a different feature. Humans and pandaren, once you strip away all the textures, both have exactly one face with other stuff drawn on. But for Pandaren, people think different fur patterns don't count as different faces, but wrinkled vs smooth skin on humans does, when both are just painted on to the same face.

    It's one of the things that made the whole "fem pandas have only one face!" thing so rediculous. Everyone has one face with different stuff drawn on.

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    hope they get new windriders soon, didnt even had a chance to get one

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    Ahh the Wind Rider is already sold out!!! I've been waiting to get one of those and The Snow Fight book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsOurEric View Post
    I wonder, is it not possible to make moves work a certain way in PvE and have seperate effects once entering a pvp enviroment?

    It seems like if they could do that, classes would benefit overall since whatever is made to pve won't affect pvp and vice versa.
    They already do that, and the reason they don't do it even more because it becomes more confusing if every ability did two different things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoobs View Post
    Ahh the Wind Rider is already sold out!!! I've been waiting to get one of those and The Snow Fight book.
    I'll bet that over 3/4 of them were bought by resellers to put them up on Ebay, as the current going ebay price is around $150-$200. Blizzard should just flood the market with them to avoid all the resellers picking them up.

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    Ya know, after having been playing since release i for one and sick and tired of blizzard nerfing pve abilities and spells into the ground because of a secondary part of the game being pvp......damn blizz just stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldrad View Post
    No it wouldn't. God I can't help but think warrior players are completely spoiled.
    You still have Pummel and Disrupting Shout, and even Shock Wave. Plenty of options if your role/goal is to stun/interrupt spell casting in a raid.
    You do realise that Pummel and DShout don't interrupt Fracture? The only option would be Shockwave which has an abysmally long cooldown if used just for rupting fracture. But sure...we warriors are spoiled...never seen a more uninformed post.

    *edit* We got Storm Bolt too but using a DPS cooldown to stop a fight mechanic is a bit overkill imho
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffernut View Post
    Just curious, why would PvP get preference?
    It's lot easier to design PvE for an existing set of abilities, so that every class gets a chance to shine, than it is to start by designing cool PvE skills and end up with a good PvP balance without the need to tweak those skills endlessly. And not only is it easier, but it's also less intrusive when you can later on balance PvE on the encounter level (e.g more aoe fights), instead of nerfing player characters directly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElDoorO View Post
    Mythic is not "just" heroic.

    Mythic is 20 man heroic. In WoD they expect you to have every class.
    Normal will be fleixible in size, where as now it's only 10 or 25.

    This will mean that current heroic teams must adapt to the size difference.

    This is not simply a name change. This is step one in the two step process.

    Step One: Get heroic to 20-man size. This will buy people time to figure out how they want groups for WoD raiding.
    Step Two: Release WoD raid where they expect you to have every class and be prepared for new challenges.

    I would suspect they want to break this apart in to two steps, using SoO, because going straight in to the new challenges with your new group may prove frustrating. With SoO they can expect most mythics to have a full understanding of at least SoO reg full clear and at least a few heroic downs. This gives people more of a chance to feel the *group* first without worrying about new mechanics, yet.

    So to the person who said "you realize mythic is just heroic" -- I believe you are wrong.
    I was only talking about 6.0 changes to SoO though, not WoD raids. They're not creating a special Mythic version of SoO, its just a rebranding of heroic SoO.

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    Good luck getting a windrider cub now that people know other will pay $100+ for them they will sell out faster then blizzcon tickets i bet xD

    ...if they even restock that is.

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    charge not interrupting? WTF???
    imagine a nerd standing around reciting Pi.
    a linebacker charges into him.
    would the nerd not lose his freaking place?

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    Wind rider out of stock u_u I hop Blizzard Gear arrives at Europe, I want that plush

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