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    Cool Back to WoW, need good peoples help !

    Greatings masters of the dark demon art !
    (A little rp is always nice)

    Just came back to WoW and decided to take as my main character my old friend -the Warlock.
    I haven't played him since the Ulduar patch in WotLK.
    My last max raid experience was Sart +3, Maligos and the "New" Naxx (this is when i had enough of hardcore gaming).
    After this I've switched to a Rogue - casual mode in Cataclysm. Pandaria felt like total mindf**k to me,
    so i have skipped it.
    Now, as the dark and brutal Warlords of Draenor are on their way to the stores, I've thought of returning to the game for more casual play.

    Since im not looking to skyrock the dps meters, I play the most truly Warlock-style spec - Demo (sometimes Affli).
    The fisrt problem i've met were the imense changes they did to the class... but after leveling to 90... hey, Demo looks awesome ! All those spelleffects, horns and the green fire (which i dont have jet because i am so damn terrible, haha)

    Now, my dear friends, Warlocks i need your help. As i told, i am a casual player for a long time now.and i never really needed addons and UI changes. But with all those changes (Tripple soulfire - one hit - woooot? )
    Now i need to track more unusuall (to me) things while i look at the cool horns and all the glowing fire and the wings !
    And now I am getting to the point,

    It would be damn friendly of you to give me a list of your addons, or just advices what i could use as a casual player. (When I plaed there was x-perl, recount, quartz and titan panel... where the hell did they go? oO)
    I have heared that there are some raid finding addons, and all this transmoblablabla thing and, well ... i have no idea =D

    Thank you !

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    If you want an addon that reskins a lot of your UI then Elvui is a good addon to start with. It does bars, frames, cast bars, buffs, chat, map, and probably more stuff I'm forgetting. Bigwigs for boss timers and Skada for meters. There are a lot of different ways to track your dots, a good one is Affdots. If you don't want to use Affdots to track your dots try and fit it somewhere in your UI because it is very helpful. Weakauras is almost required at this point imo, you can use it to track anything from trinket procs to what a boss is casting. I think the most useful is tracking fight mechanics.

    Sorry it's a large list of addons, hope I didn't forget anything and hope it helps!

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    AffDots is definitely a must have imo. Captures pretty much everything you need to min/max your DPS.

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    Kamswow , Phazelol

    Thanks a lot, did download them.
    Now it'll take some time to adjust them

    Maybe you have some sort of open world (for example "coordinates") and sorts of customisation addons?
    I saw some peoples UI, and my god it looked like a whole other game.

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