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    Question Does a 5.4 fury spell rotation helper exist?

    When I first start a class I like using a spell priority weakaura or addon to help with spells, and was wondering if one exists for fury warrior that works with 5.4? I know its better to know the rotation without one, but I find it helpful to use while learning it.

    In example addons like Hekili for shamans, or Nerien's Ovale Scripts for multiple classes.

    In example of WeakAura strings like Gummer's Elemental Shaman, or the multiple other classes he does the same way.

    Any help greatly appreciated! I would post links to the above if I had enough posts, sorry.

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    I don't believe so. Just learn the spec, you'll be better for it. Read the sticky on these forums. In general, Bloodthirst on cooldown, CS on cooldown, Stormbolt (if TG or SMF w/Evil Eye) inside CS and maximize Heroic Strike and Raging Blow usage inside CS.

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    I'm far too lazy to find it but I recall a weakaura being made for this. Also you should do as Bloodletters says.
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    Its a personal preference to use it to learn, everyone learns differently this normally tends to help me learn it faster than reading it over and over on forums etc. I am not saying that you are wrong because of course learning it is far better, and that is what this tends to help me do.

    I have found plenty of options of addons that do this for arms, but still have not ran across a good one for tg fury.

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    Yes--it is found in the guide that is stickied.

    If you are looking for something that will tell you what button to push, then no. You could make a weak aura that follows the priority of the guide, but it would probably be easier to just learn the rotation and how to play the game as a warrior.

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