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    I'm not arguing that it's actually everyone's responsibility to interrupt, but the general consesus will automatically assume it's the tank responsibility first and foremost.

    I've encountered two types of players: ones that interrupt, and ones that don't. And the majority of those don't. It's a blessing when a rogue kicks or a boomkin beams - it means they know how to play their classes.

    And the shield bash scenario is moot since the ability isn't in game anymore. No point in bringing up something that isn't relevant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Espada View Post
    Well, let's leave it at debatable. There is no gcd and no rage cost to interrupt, and rude interruption boost damage done, so everyone should be doing it. There is no reason to say tanks have a higher responsability to do it. Whoever is on the target that must be interrupted must do it. Sometimes one of the tanks is not at range (moving marvi away from sul, tower on galakras, blabla), or is assigned to interrupt a different boss (protectors). Sometimes is the melee dps who is not in range of the mob to interrupt. Ranged can help, but they don't have the CD to do a rotation.

    All in all, the only extra responsability being a tank puts on you is pulling rythm and mobs positioning. Doing dps is part of the tank's job, and preventing damage is part of the dps's job.

    And if you are going to quote traditional reasons, shield bash could be missed and tanks didn't cap hit, so they weren't reliable at interrupting. If anything, the responsability was placed on the DPS and it have ended being up shared by the tanks.
    In raids you generally need interrupt rotations of 2-3 players per target these days, so its who's responsibility to kick is a moot point regardless.
    But yes, if a Warrior can be interrupting more or less on CD for any significant length of time in a fight, they should be taking Rude Interruption for a dps boost. Even if the caster isn't the primary target, they can use a focus interrupt macro.

    To add, in previous times, tanks generally did interrupting because they had less to focus on after positioning was done. Aftewords they had extremely simple "rotations" and nothing better to do, while DPS would focus their rotations to put out more damage.

    These days Tanks have more strict "rotations" to keep up resource generation and mitigation; and so they should be putting in a roughly equal amount of focus into their rotation as a DPS. To which I would say the burden on interrupting shouldn't be more on DPS or Tanks but roughly equal depending on amount of individual responsibility during the fight.

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    Just to finish this, I was thinking of nefarian or maloriak (more of nefarian, or any of the interrupt or wipe bosses of t11). Regardless of rotation complexity, back then I was trying to reach 77.4% block and would run with maybe 2-3% hit. I think it was fixed around that tier to not need hit, but before that if put your tank to interrupt he will need to get away from his normal reforging, or wipe 1 of each 20 tries because he got a shield bash miss.
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    Yup. Because Nef required you to have 2-3 interrupts per add and tank interrupts at that point could still miss, it was pretty rough if you didn't get it off. Luckily, it was changed in 4.1 so that all non-damaging interrupts would always hit.

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    Having a 10man team with only one player doing all interrupting is stupid anyway.
    Such skill entire raid getting boosted by a single player.

    Interrupting should have a dps rotation just like healers have to coordinate big cooldowns.

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    I don't even care as much about how it effects PvP/PvE as I care about that whole tier being mostly useless now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon138 View Post
    I don't even care as much about how it effects PvP/PvE as I care about that whole tier being mostly useless now.
    Well not the only class it applies to. Also looking at WoD it gets fixed.

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