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    moonkin hc thok

    Hey, we've just began hc thok progression and we're getting the hang of the first phase where he gets 20-25 stacks of acceleration.
    After about 8 stacks I receive BoP and tranq, after that I usually have a difficult time getting back into the rhythm for the remainder of this phase.
    So would I be better off attacking in cat form with the remainder of hotw after I tranq?

    Also any other tips for this fight is appreciated

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    Firstly can you get Symbiosis off a Warlock? That would give you Unending Resolve (12 Seconds being interrupt immune).

    If you have trouble getting back into hard casting you can just spam Sunfire/Moonfire (whichever Eclipse you're in) with the Lunar Shower Buff and use Starsurge Procs. However this is suboptimal for DPS if you're going from 8 Stacks to 25+ Stacks like this. Another suggestion would be to use the Force of Nature Talent because Treants don't get interrupted so you won't lose their Boss damage.

    Also remember with a recent Hotfix you can use Astral Communion to shift Eclipses without getting interrupted now. You can also do this if you happened to get silenced aswell. It's very useful if you mess up casting on Thok and don't want to do nothing for a few seconds.

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    Didn't know they changed that about astral com, thats very useful thanks, I didn't go with force of nature because they have trouble with thok when he's moving though.

    Unfortunatly we were missing our warlock but having him there would be a godsend, along with 2 aura masteries our next try should be much better.

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    He stops gaining speed on his casts after a certain point. You will always be able to cast

    1 wrath
    1 starfire
    2 wraths with meta gem proc

    Easy once you learn

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