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    Because it's easy enough, it's easy to gear for it, and lfr, flex

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennisace View Post
    14931 (50%) guilds have killed Garrosh normal

    52913 (82.61%) killed Madness in DS on normal

    It's a tuning issue and Blizz needs to nerf Siege so more people can see content. LFR and Flex is just not the same as normal.
    But you ARE seeing the content in LFR/Flex. What you're really asking for is the same gear from normal with the effort Flex takes, which is full retard. Fire for Mythic Raiding
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    Siege doesnt need nerfs.
    Pretty easy as long you dont wank around doing nothing.

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    Well in 6.0 they're implementing the WoD raid sizes to SoO so 10s and 25s won't even exist at this point, so they'll probably apply a lower scaled version of instances in the new 'heroic' and 'mythic' since I'll doubt they'd make a cutting edge feat of strength for Mythic

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    Dont worry. The nerfs will come

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    Normal SoO needs a nerf? Really, like REALLY? No, it doesn't. Just no. Does heroic need a nerf? No, I wouldn't say so, they already made adjustments to the 3 "hardest" bosses prior to garrosh, so there is really no point nerfing them anymore.

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