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    What is significant about this reset? Did they up his drop rate?
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    Always gold.

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    Turned up to him, 80+ people there, Melted his ass. got gold.
    doing other characters later, expect gold.
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    3 toons x 5 weeks plus bonus rolls and I got nothing. This week my alt Priest that just dinged 90 got tier legs but nothing else on any of the other toons.

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    2 chars both double gold..Which sucks but w/e..What did bug me was in one of the boxes was a mere 16g..I can get more from doing a panda daily..What a cheap prick...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildtree View Post
    Why not just getting an item by default for every 10th consecutive day logged into the game?

    Seriously..... The loot system in place is the best we have ever since the game started. Get used to it. You got 6 times gold..
    I remember playing this game when the loot was 6 times nothing at all.
    I'm not sure what you are talking about. LFR came out in DS(late cataclysm). The normal loot system has been the same, and is the same today, as when the game started?
    The reason why the LFR system doesnt work for me is that you cant trade loot with friends. Leaving very little chance to get what you actually want from a boss since it has a low drop chance, and even when loot drops it does not have to be something you can use.

    At least with the normal loot system you can give it to someone else

    I dont think i'm moaning a lot. I've never really liked the LFR loot system, and believe it or not i actually liked the one in DS more. I realise this isnt shared by everyone but i have several ideas to improve the existing one making it less frustrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delk View Post
    Zero Elemental Shaman gear? He drops 8 things for Elemental... They all have either Spirit or Hit on them but those are useful stats for most Elemental Shaman.
    lol Sarcasm detected! +10 internets for you!

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    Shaman has received 13 items from Ordos.
    Always one every week, twice have gotten 2x.
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    My barely 90 Hunter is 3 for 3 on Ordos loot, 3 weeks in. No coins used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemoBytom View Post
    Just like the LFR system in Cata... You know the one that caused most of the top guilds to be BANNED and miss the world first race in DS?..
    Those guys knew exactly what they were doing and that it wasn't desired behavior for the mechanic. They chose to exploit it, thus bans were deserved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zabusasan View Post

    Personally 6x gold on 3 different alts.
    Congratulations! That's fantastic! Man, you're what, like 200g richer now than you were before? Whew, that's so nice of Blizzard to give you something right? Instead of, like, nothing?

    Ok, for real. This point has been talked about a lot and the developers have put a lot of time into the loot system. In Dragon Soul all loot was rolled on, because that's all we knew how to do, and people got crazy screwed over. When the idea of personal loot was introduced, there was surprisingly little complaining (except for people in the wrong loot specialization). Coining bosses is a nice bonus, but when you stop thinking about it as a bonus, and start expecting loot then you're in trouble. Before I go all blabby on you, what I'm trying to say is, relax. Ordos has a 25% chance of dropping loot. RNG is RNG. You killed him 6 times and are part of the 17.8% of people who kill him 6 times in a row without getting any loot. That sucks. Sorry, man.

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    On my two random alts(with coins) I got three pieces of loot and one gold. He usually always drops me something.

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    4 toons last night on this reset, 8 bags of gold =( Still have 4 toons to go tonight.

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    Got legs on my newly dinged druid ( had 430 blue ones ) last reset, got bracers this week ( had 430 bracers aswell )
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    It's a hit or miss, yesterday I didn't get anything but I only took 2 toons which is the norm but last week I took 5 toons and picked up 3 items (6 items total including celestials). RNG is a bitch sometimes.

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    I got the helm for Elemental/Restoration Shamans, it's PERFECT for me. That was without a bonus roll.
    Last week (I dinged 90 that week so I just had time to slay him once) I got the Warforged legplates for Elemental/Restoration Shaman on my bonus roll.

    I feel quite lucky. Today is my Monk's turn. Let's cross our fingers!

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