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    Nope. I just chose to LFD level.

    Blizzards intended idea of removing auto-learn paths to encourage exploration worked COMPLETELY the opposite way for me. If I could fly to a zone I'd level there. If I had to ride all the way there (anyhing from 10-30mins) I could've outlevelled the zone I'm on the way to, doing LFD.
    I chose LFD too for the same reason and some other reasons such as cross server (that's why I only quest in Pandaria) and I'll probably not leave my garrison til patch 6.1

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    Thankfully most of my alts are old enough to have earned them automatically.

    Not too fussed about collecting the missing ones on my alts, most were levelled simply to max all professions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    You can easily ride a boat to EK and flag relevant FPs while waiting for the queue to pop.

    Or be that guy who begs for a dual seat mount ride there lol.
    leveling a mage atm
    dungeon queues are like 1-2 mins usually
    I would have enjoyed to do some quest in WP and EP but I sure as fuck am not riding half a fucking continent for 20 mins for it

    good thing as mage I had a quick way to theramore even through I hate the quest there so did mostly dungeons for those levels
    so gz blizz, good choice removing those flight paths

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