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    Gold making with Enchating


    Just hit 600 in enchanting the other day and was wondering what the good ways to make money with it is?

    BTW i also have JC 600

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    It depends on the server, but on my server the easiest way to make a bit of gold with enchanting is by disenchanting items for their mats, which you're better off selling on the AH again. Nowadays there's too much competition when it comes to selling enchanted scrolls. Even if you can undercut them, it generally takes too long to sell an enchanted scroll. So what I usually do is just to look on the AH for cheap green/rare disenchantable items or look for which enchanting mats have a sweet price tag for the moment and then look for items to disenchant which grant you that specific dust/essence.

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    What if the enchanting mats are worth nothing? And nobody buys sha crystals anymore; my realm is kind of dead tho

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    if nobody buys sha crystals, then u buy them and see if you can make profit out of them (bracer enchants.. etc)

    always look for cheap d/e 87 epics (krasarang rares) to see if that's cheaper than buying straight sha crystal (they can also procc x2 if you're in a guild that has the perk)

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    If Sha crystal price x 10 < Jade Spirit/Dancing Steel (depending on your class.. so at least you gonna use it if not selling)... make a scroll and try to sell it.

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    Either sell mats or sell enchants. Kind of server dependent though. There tends to be a lot of fluctuation on mat prices during the week. Buy low, sale high.

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    It's probably because of the whole 100% drop chance from a bonus roll but Dancing Steel/Jade Spirit prices have plummeted by around 500 gold on my server, so things may not be that rosy on the sha crystal based enchant front right now. Since 5.4 hit, even the low level enchants have taken a hit because of the heirloom deal.

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    1. Run cata instances, de the stuff you get, sell for gold.
    2. Snipe low priced stuff from the AH, de (or buy low priced enchanting mats), use addons to keep track of what enchants that sells for a profit, keep relisting and watch for undercutters

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    Most of my Enchanting gold comes from bracer enchants or expensive weapon enchants. Granted I'm on a high pop server so it sells pretty quick if I post it at night.

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    I started selling the rare wep enchants, and its very profitable at least on my realm. Around 1.2k gold each; another way to make money is to transmute all ur mats into sha crystals and just try the ah a lot

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    i have a secret. Run ToT normal. DE everything, sell Haunting Spirits... holy shit how did i make so much so fast?
    Honestly I shouldn't even tell you this, but you sound like a nice new enchanter

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    Indeed the ToT thing is magic xD. Also, i found out at least on my realm, jade spirit sells for at least 1.5k, so thats a little gold aswell

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    Thanks guys but right now i only have an ilvl of 490 so i must wait gear up before running TOT normal

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    Quote Originally Posted by fc0712 View Post

    Just hit 600 in enchanting the other day and was wondering what the good ways to make money with it is?

    BTW i also have JC 600
    it depends on your server, atm alot of people have mats to spare so the prices are really low. you just have to keep trying =3

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    Sha Crystal sell well on my server and I just DE timeless gear all day. Profit.

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