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    90k is absolutely unreasonable in 496 timeless gear and you won't really get a weapon over 450-476 before raiding LFR.
    It was fairly common to be doing HoF/ToES Normal without a single raid member being over 100k dps at the end of a boss battle. 496 with a 463 weapon doing 90k sounds perfectly fine.

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    I dont think people really broke 60k without a legendary in Cata.
    Exactly. People greatly inflate Cata damage. 40-50k was maximum DPS for for classes and specs in heroic gear without a legendary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emeraldon View Post
    But in regards to OP's question; no. The gap has never been this high and it's absolutely ridiculous. even in Vanilla you stood a chance with lower gear vs high end PvE / rank 14-geared people. Now, a newly dinged 90 has what, 250-290k hp? And PvE-endgame gear gives you over 700.000.
    >600k health just at 540 with stam buff, I think.

    It's kind of funny that 300k health from food is like ... not much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Exactly. People greatly inflate Cata damage. 40-50k was maximum DPS for for classes and specs in heroic gear without a legendary.
    Dragon Soul Rankings on WoL have been frozen. 29 people have broken 60k DPS on Ultraxion 25H, 10 of them Melee. Every class and almost every spec (including melee and hunters, so not just legendary wielders) has multiple 50k+ logs. Some classes much more common than others.
    Most of them are just the best of the best, but seeing 53-55k+ wasn't really that uncommon.

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    sure when you figure in that ICC raiders pulled that dps with a 30% or so static progression buff in ICC.

    Also 2k dps is BAD even when you just hit 90 in WotLK. If memory serves me right I played a retribution paladin at the end of bc and cleared sunwell with my guild and top dps in sunwell was around 3-4k dps (I think) and I don't think when we cleared naxx, malygos heroic, sartharion heroic in week 1 of WotlK and still in t6 that people were doing only 2k dps.
    2k was decent for an average raider at the very start. The way I remember it, the only people capable of achieving 3k the first week of raiding were hunters. Maybe someone who dinged in 2 days and had the time to farm heroics fared better, but I'm staring at a screen of our patchwerk kill with recount open, dating 21.11.08 (8 days after wrath came out) and people hovered between 2,3k and 2,7 wearing mixed green/blue gear. And those guys were from the server's top guild, I got invited to the raid because they were a few people short. There's just no way someone pulled 4k without getting gear from previous bosses

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