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    Its a game design problem because developers have been unable to make the world relevant for players.
    I don't see any way that can be accomplished within reason though. The people that enjoy exploring the world do that already, and with even better accessibility now with old world flying, and I can't envision an end-game that involves flying around looking at pretty tree models.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zapheiros View Post
    This. Please can Blizzard get their act together and get the art department to start working on class balance. It's getting ridiculous.
    Quote Originally Posted by Illana View Post
    It's like when you grunt when you hit the ball in tennis, the exhalation of air gives the shot more power.

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    Demon Hunter will never happen. They are basically rogues with demonic communion, and making a class identical to an existing one just to shut up the Illidan fanboys is a good way to ruin your game and it's balance.

    And if it does happen, it'll be in the Burning Legion expac that will be the final expansion of the franchise, so they won't care about balance or anyone for that matter. The game will be over and done with.
    Never say never. You even gave us a decent suggested Class that could simply have it as another spec. Rogues. With three specs that are basically the same, it would be nice to have at least one real stand alone. They wear leather, can dual-weild weapons (not to mention Illidan's own Warglaives) and wear Illidan's signature blindfold. Blizzard is already talking about ways to make the Rogue (and hunter) specs more unique.

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    Boy, that was a long-winded way of saying "give us demon hunters".

    I don't think any "promise" was made that demon hunter would eventually be a playable class. And while there's certainly a part of the community that wants this class to happen, I don't think we'll see a "true" demon hunter class. Demon hunters were only a sect of night elves and blood elves trained by the original demon hunter Illidan. And while Blizzard has certainly bent Warcraft's lore to continue the story of WoW, it would literally shatter lore trying to introduce demon hunters as a playable class. Given the origins of a demon hunter, it could only be playable by elven races. Also given that Illidan is no longer around to train new demon hunters, what kind of story would Blizzard be willing to cook up that would allow Alliance and Horde the knowledge to train elves in the ways of the demon? I just don't see a clean way to make it happen. Lastly, and probably the bigger annoyance, would be demon hunter weapons. The war-glaives already exist as a "sword type" in the game. Will they get their own type once demon hunters are introduced, or will new glaive weapons continue to be listed as swords (and therefore equipable by other sword-wielding classes). That's a sticky situation.

    Concerning DK's... the Death Knight class can exist because A) it fits into the Wrath story and B) because it wasn't limited to a single race. Death Knights can be played by all races (excluding Panda), which is good for the game. And because there was already an established group to train DK's (Knights of the Ebon Hold), there will never be a shortage of them (allowing players to play as DK's).

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