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    Did you roll your pure because it's pure ?

    Simple question. Did you roll a pure DPS because it's a pure DPS ?

    Sub/related questions:

    If yes: why ?
    If no: why did you roll it, then ?
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    I rolled it because I had absolutely no idea what a spec was, and gnome mages looked pretty cewl

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    When I started playing I had no idea what pure vs hybrid was. I made a warrior cause smash stuff, a rogue cause sneak around, a mage cause set stuff on fire, and a hunter cause shoot stuff.

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    I have one of each class at 90, so I did not roll any class simply because it was only DPS, and in fact, would have enjoyed the option to have had a tanking roll on some of them (Demo-tanking 4th spec, Enhancement-tanking 4th spec, etc), to speed up queue times for dungeons while leveling.

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    I created a lot of my 'pure' characters after playing my druid..i was just sick of all the specs and all the gear i felt i had to have a dps,healer and tank set just in case i needed it..with a pure class like mage i can just focus on one i don't have to worry about having multiple sets i know my current gear will be the best for every situation i'm in.

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    Original toon was a Warlock and rolled it because "fuck yeah demons" and paid no attention to it being 3 DPS specs.

    Now playing a Hunter after we needed it for raid comp when Cata launched and stuck with it for the playstyle and loved the area control it had on some PvE encounters in Cata (Cho'gall, Conclave, Madness.)
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    I play what I want to play. Besides that I barely notice any difference between my WW monk while DPSing or my mage.

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    I rolled warlock because demons are cool.

    I wish I could tank as a warlock though. tanking is cool, but the tanking classes are boring. I don't want to play as a church boy with anger issues (paladin), a tree hugging hippy (druid), a drunkard (monk), or a guy with no superpowers fighting in a game of fireballs and dragons (warrior/kurtis striker).

    DKs were cool until they removed frost and unholy tanking. I don't like the blood spec, it feels made up with no roots in the RTS scourge unities at all.
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    Whenever I play a pure, I feel a longing for another role. So honestly, no.
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    I rolled a warlock because my soul is black and I just want to see the world BURN!

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    No, I had no idea, and to be honest, I'd love if my rogue would get a tank spec, in fact, in BC I used to help with tanking, I was quite good. I remember even in Wrath in Naxx I tanked a few bosses for around 20% of their lives as one of our tanks was not very good, and he kept dieing after sitting in crap. Then they brought the diminishing returns to dodge... and it all ended.

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    Being "pure" had nothing to do with why I rolled my "pure" DPS toons. I rolled them because I wanted to play them.

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    I have two "pure" alts that I play enough to consider them 'real' characters — Warlock and Hunter.

    In neither case does being DPS-only motivate me; Warlocks are just bloody badasses, and Hunters are extremely fun to break all the rules of RDPS with and run around like an idiot the whole fight. Also Devilsaur Stampede.

    In both cases, I'd only enjoy the class more (and possibly consider maining it) if it could do a more 'fun' support role (subjective, of course) like Lock Tank.

    My Mage, though, I don't play much, but it's fun when I do. And while I do enjoy playing it — I have to be honest, the fact the Mage is so incredibly, incredibly simplistic is actually appealing. I like that it does one thing, and does it very well, and doesn't try to do anything else. At all. It's definitely the purest pure, and that's actually kinda cool.

    But even Mage I didn't roll because of that — I just wanted an alt that could make portals, hahaha. Then I realized Frost is really fun.

    That said, if Mage got a Tank or Heal spec, I'd be all over it gleefully decoding it like a fresh birthday present. :p

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    I rolled my first character - a warlock - because it's pure dps. I didn't want to be bugged to tank or heal. The thought of that just was a bit too much, considering that I had never played any game like WoW before, so a pure DPS felt like the safest option.

    It took me about a year of playing WoW until I rolled a healer.

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    My main is the first toon that I ever rolled back when I joined early in WotLK. I rolled a Rogue and had no idea about the Tank/Healer/DPS classes and how raiding/dungeons worked. My only MMO type experience had been w/ MUDs, just a tad different than WoW.

    I've tried a few different classes and specs, but I really have only played my Rogue to max level. In fact, I play Combat almost exclusively, I have configured my secondary spec as Assassination and Subtlety, but never actually used them. I don't even have a bar layout for a different spec.

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    No. I made it because it sounded the most fun, and I ended up loving it.

    Hell, at that time I probably didn't even know there was stuff like pure DPS vs support stuff.
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    I think these days there are much less people who would roll a pure DPS class mainly for this reason. Back in Vanilla/BC days though it would be very likely that you were pushed into healing as Druid/Priest/Paladin.

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    no, i rolled mage because its a mage. i always play wizard/sorcerer/mage class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixteen18 View Post
    I think these days there are much less people who would roll a pure DPS class mainly for this reason. Back in Vanilla/BC days though it would be very likely that you were pushed into healing as Druid/Priest/Paladin.
    This is absolutely true but honestly, how many people really knew that when they made their first toon in classic? That seems to maybe inform what people decided to do later, but it seems unlikely that players in classic were really aware enough to say, "no, I don't want to heal or tank so I'm going to pick a class that won't see me pressured into doing either."

    I think most people who made pure DPS initially did it just because the class sounded cool, not because we really had a lot of foresight.
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    With my 'since Vanilla'-main, a priest, I also haven't even picked up a healing spec ever. I don't want to heal, and thus don't do it. Quite simple, pure or not.

    That said, no, I didn't roll my Lock alt because it's a pure. Didn't even really know about such things back then.
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