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    When i first started playing, I didn't even know there were superior quality items around. How was i supposed to choose my class because of its "purity"?

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    I picked Hunter because I like archery-based characters. At the time, I didn't have a concept of tank/heal/dps in mind when I picked the class. I just wanted to play an archer.

    Because of that, I doubt I'd change if I had to pick again. I've tried just about every class and I enjoy Hunter the most. I do regret not being as needed as a tank, though.

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    Because demons man... demons.

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    I don't think anyone rolled pure just because of being pure. Of course if you reroll its something else because some guilds might want a pure DPS because of what they bring at the moment, either DPS or other things.

    I have played since vanilla and I picked Hunters because I liked the idea of having pets and being a bow user.

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    Played a ret paladin, switched because I was tired of having to work my ass off to keep up with other classes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    I created a lot of my 'pure' characters after playing my druid..i was just sick of all the specs and all the gear i felt i had to have a dps,healer and tank set just in case i needed it..with a pure class like mage i can just focus on one i don't have to worry about having multiple sets i know my current gear will be the best for every situation i'm in.
    Stat priorities are wildly different between specs..

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    No, I rolled my rogue becouse about half way thrugh Vanilla I was getting sick of being 1-shotted by ambushing rogues on my mage, so I decided to make a rogue alt so I could do some ambushing myself. A short while after hitting 60 it became my main, and I have not PvP'd since, only raiding.

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    I rolled a druid as my first toon in vanilla with thoughts of being a damage dealing master...only to find out when raiding started that "jack-of-all trades" meant "you better heal me son!"

    I rolled a lock in late vanilla because I was tired of healing (playing whack-a-mole with 40 people sucks). It wouldn't have mattered if the lock had an alternate role (like tank) because in vanilla you played your primary role only.

    The hole hybrid thing didn't really even become a deal until probably Wrath. I have too much invested in my lock now to switch - but (some) hybrids like balance druids have way too much raid utility compared to the dps they can put out.

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    I picked rogue because I like playing the sneaky, stealthy role in most games. It's also the class that I understand the most and perform the best with, being a "pure" didn't really factor in for me. I'd actually say I hate the fact that it's a pure-DPS class, the reason I play so many alts is because my rogue can only fill one role.

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    I rolled a mage at first because I wanted to blow shit up. plain and simple. At the time tanks were just meat shields, healers only healed and hybrid classes were a joke.

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    When I started playing, I rolled a Paladin because I was told that they can do damage and heal all while being clad in heavy armor. That pretty much sold them to me.
    I am never really attracted to pure classes, I don't have one at 90, I always want to either heal or tank along with a dps spec.

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    I rolled a mage because portals and fire. Also, at the time, none of my friends played a mage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArPharazon View Post
    I rolled a warlock because my soul is black and I just want to see the world BURN!
    Sounds about right.

    Warlock master class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nayelie View Post
    Sounds about right.

    Warlock master class.
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    Nope but I did make my Shaman to be a hybrid. I was leveling with 5 friends waay back in the day so being Elemental Shaman was right up my ally. I knew I wanted to be a caster and I could help offheal which was awesome and on top of that I got to use mail and a shield so I would be at least somewhat tanky.

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    quite the opposite. i get antsy when i dont have a spell to reliably move hp bars in the other direction. i dont like playing a healer, but i do like having the ability to heal

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    I made a rogue because I came from a game where rogue was the closest to the same class.

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    I doubt many made a pure for no other reason than it's pure. You can always say no if someone asks you to go healer or tank. If they kick you out of the guild for that reason, then that's a bullet dodged.

    I rolled a Mage because I love that idea. Being a ranged magic based nuker.

    People rolling hybrids because they'e hybrids is more likely. Of course, you will always find the odd person who rolls a pure because they don't want to be forced into another role/type of role (melee->range for example).
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    Yes, I rolled a paladin first in vanilla and really hated it so someone suggested I roll a mage because it's a pure dps.

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    I sort of did, although at the time the idea of pure vs. hybrid wasn't even on my radar (probably because most hyrbrids sucked, and were pigeon-holed into a single role when you think about it they weren't very hybrid). All I knew was that on my paladin people expected me to heal, and I didn't want to roll another class that had even the remote possibility of being asked to heal, so I rolled rogue. So you could say I rolled rogue because it's a pure class.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raic View Post
    I'd actually say I hate the fact that it's a pure-DPS class, the reason I play so many alts is because my rogue can only fill one role.
    Same, that's why I was hoping so hard for fourth spec at one time, especially because I don't really like to play alts, because I like focusing on my main, but I like to play other roles.
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