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    What race and class you boosting to 90 in WoD?

    I pick female Undead Priest, BUT I wait for till they add a new hairstyles, scars and warpaints. I wanna scars on my undead!

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    Orc elemental shaman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quakefan View Post
    I pick female Undead Priest, BUT I wait for till they add a new hairstyles, scars and warpaints. I wanna scars on my undead!
    hahaha, i also have a female undead priest i think i'm gonna boost her I want to play a healer, but shaman sucks(in my POV) and i will play disc priest.

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    An Alliance Rogue, since I already have every other class combo (on both factions). Would've RAFed it but free 90 saves me the trouble.

    IIRC it's planned to be female Worgen.
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    Probably another m human/belf/troll warlock on a medium/high pop server.
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    Female Dwarf Pally or Female Goblin Shammy.

    I may hold off to see some new models though.

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    This is the question for me. I am not sure.
    My monk and warrior are already to 90, and my warrior I feel like crap on because I am yet to get him a weap over 450 (yup, not making that up, can't bring myself to drop 15k in the AH for one either).

    So then I was thinking Paladin, but he'll likely have the same weapon problem, as would my rogue and hunter. I have a ton of timeless gear for my Warlock, and he doesn't get to spam Heal or Tank dungeon queues like my other toons can, so he makes a lot of sense, but I've been told that Locks are as heavily gated by trinkets as Warriors are by weapons.

    So I have a conundrum. The only class I've really ruled out is Mage, and I am pretty sure I am gonna pass on Priest too -- while I love healing, I just don't enjoy Priest at all. My shaman is already 86, so it'd be stupid to boost him, and leveling a druid and paladin with Healing dungeon queue times is easy peasy.

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    I have a lvl60 Druid that I haven't played since vanilla

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    Female undead DK....

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    Me and my gf want alliance toon aswell (on a different server). So I will either boost a Human Paladin or a Dwarf Hunter :3 Havent FULLY decided yet. Leaning towards hunter though ^^

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    undead mage - had a mage as my main in vanilla, tbc and WoTLK - then i changed to hunter, warrior and latest monk (all of them 90 now) but my mage still glare evil at me, and i miss it. so im going back to the mage with the xpac

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    Undead warlock or dwarf paladin aaaaaaahhhhh can I complain at blizzard for giving me choices please? Damn you blizz messing with my brain. Hmmmm or do I level that Druid I keep trying to level or a monk to try OMG help!!!!

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    I'm gonna do the only sane thing: Send a statement to Blizzard that boosting isn't accepted, by refraining from using my boost.
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    I was going to make a Night Elf or Tauren Druid but... I like my Forsaken Warlock too much I want another.

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    Probably Worgen Druid. Only class I don't have at 90 but find their leveling to be god awful boring.

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    If I come back, probably my orc shaman, though I could go with my troll druid, not certain yet.

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    Probably female dwarven priest - initial plan was to create a fresh one and boost her, but since I've read, that characters above level 60 will probably also get their primary professions boosted, I've rolled her now, and gonna try to get her to 61 or so, then pick the professions, but leave them unlevelled until boost.

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    Either a Troll Hunter or some DK. I'm hoping they add the option to play pet less as a Hunter for low levels; I would level it like normal. Unsure of what race I would like for a DK, might hold off for the belf previews before making a decision, but currently narrowed to Orc or Undead.
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    Goblin priest, Female orc monk or female orc huntress

    I have a lvl 80 hunter already but he's a blood elf and I don't want to pay 20 bucks to changerace for a char I probably wont play much.

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