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    HM spoils of Pandaria

    Hi guys, anyone know whether it is worth swapping to nether tempest in heroic spoils? MY guild did a few attempts last week, however the berserk timer on the second phases always beat us. I was using Living Bomb at the time, because i found the dps on the boss adds was important, however we sometimes chain pulled some of the small/medium crates which resulted in 4+ targets available. I've been thinking nether tempest will help me cleave better during these moments, but I'm not entirely sure. I am speced as Arcane at the moment as well. Any theories/thoughts on this issue would be great

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    So you "think", but didnt try, eh? This is actualy the good part about arcane mage - if you think something might be better for you or your performance try it, especialy on progress fights.

    I don't know if you have read the arcane mage guide, but there is written many times that "the second another target appear in cleave range NT outperform LB by miles".
    The dps on the boss add is important yes and you will be able to do higher dps on him if your group chainopen little crates because of the cleave that NT will make witch wil also increase to a degree the dps on the boss add too.
    Also the diffrence between NT and LB is not that "huge", it is just optimal for single target. Otherwise are quite equal, but as i said above NT will outdps LB in cleave situations and also forget about this crap that the dps on the boss is important... the dps on ALL things that move around the room is important, even on the little sparks from the burial urns
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    as arcane just use NT on everything and use AM on proc (on multidot you can keep 4 stack AP pretty long )

    if you have most of the fight target+target for cleave from NT -> than use NT (it should be most of the time - if not, than you (your raid) are opening boxes too slow )

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    ah, I haven't actually looked at the guide for a long time, but thanks for the tip :P I will definitely try out NT this weekend, thanks!

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